Doesn’t the name “Sunnyside Beach” just make you smile? It sounds like such a happy place. And it is a happy place.  It’s a place that will hold lots of special memories for me for many years to come.

Sunnyside Beach is in Steilacoom, WA. I adore this tiny little town, but the park is one of it’s best perks. It is the COOLEST place EVER especially if you are a little boy. It has the following elements; long, sandy beach with many creatures on it both dead and alive, water, dirt, rolling stretches of soft and luscious grass, a fun play structure, sand volley ball pits, scuba guys coming and going (who will bring you treasures like giant pink starfish to touch) and the ultimate – trains.  There is a double set of train tracks that goes right alongside the park and trains go across it very often. In fact, I’ve never gone there and seen less than 3 trains go by in the course of a visit.

Cooper had his 3rd birthday at this beach. I remember planning it and thinking how much I will forever love getting to tell him that he had one of his birthday parties as a child at a beach.

This weekend, the weather here in Washington FINALLY broke…and PRAISE JESUS that it did ’cause we were going a bit cookoo around here. When Saturday morning rolled around with breathtaking sunshine (at 5:30 am), birds singing and breezes blowing, my idea of cleaning the house pretty much went out the windows along with the stuffy air in my house.  Chase took an amazing morning nap (which is rare these days) and I decided it was time to be spontaneous. So where else would I go but to a happy place?

We stopped at a little cafe in Steilacoom and grabbed some panini and Izze soda, then went to the park and had lunch. Once lunch was finished (which is a real chore to get your children to eat when you are at a place as happy as Sunnyside Beach), we went down to the beach. Here’s our view:

Click this pic to see it nice and big-look at those mountains!!!!!!

Couldn’t you just melt? The tide was WAY out (and it started to come in after we played for an hour-the kids were amazed to witness this!) and there were tons of creatures to be seen! We saw crabs, a really big pink star fish, there were seals out in the water and some dead jellyfish on the shore.  Cooper was set on making a sand castle so he set himself up and wanted nothing more than to sit and dig. Chase however, wanted to go see the water.

Chase was longing to go down to the water

This was his first trip to the beach and he wasn’t quite sure what to think. But he was pointing and making this cute sound he makes when he is trying to say “I want to go there”. I walked him down to the water and it was so precious to see him walk faster and faster and even try to run down to the water. Once the water started to touch his feet he cried and panicked a little. The water was MOVING! We established that this was totally ok and he eventually laughed each time a wave gently lapped up on his ankles.

The day was totally glorious. It would have only been more perfect if Jeremy was there. And he will be – soon. 😀

I was trying to get a picture of Chase with the water and the mountains all around him. Certainly one for the baby book! He wasn't thrilled because there was water to explore!
Attempting to build's an art you know
Chase was getting a little hot and tired as the day went on.
Cooper was deeply engrossed in his sand castle building.
Mommy and sweet Chase.
Summer in the Pac NW baby!

We  did eventually leave and the boys were none too happy to go. But it just made me dreamily think of hawaii and the endless hours we can spend on the beach there with nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to see but each other!

We ended the day by stopping at the Bair Drug Store and Soda Fountain Shop, which is a new edition to Steilacoom. Cooper had a rootbeer float and I ordered a raspberry Italian Soda…which Chase greedily drank. What a stinker! It was a glorious day and I can’t wait for the day very soon when Jeremy will be experiencing all these special moments with us! Mommy spontaneity was very good this Saturday. 😀


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