Countdown Paper Chain
Countdown Jelly Beans - 'cause each day is more sweet than the one before when we are counting down!

HURRAY! It is June 7! The kids and I are getting so excited that Jeremy will be home in just a couple of weeks. It is so fun for us to get to talk about it and laugh at how crazy life is about to become. I’m already making plans with my Army girls about going to different homecomings with them in support of welcoming their husbands home. For you non-Army types, the Brigade comes home in groups-not all at once. (It’s quite a logistical nightmare getting 5,000 infantrymen plus supply people home.) So we will all have different days and times when our guys get home; some of us earlier than others.

It has been interesting for me to see the boys “get it” lately. Chase is longing for a male presence in his life, big time. If he could be more excited when he hears Jeremy’s voice on the phone…I don’t know how it would look! He is just giddy. I have been thrown by his excitement and yet so blessed because I know that whatever he “gets” or knows now is nothing in comparison to how great he will feel when he sees Daddy everyday from homecoming on.  For however much Chase gets it, Cooper REALLY gets it. He has been an angel lately (for the most part) and is talking about Daddy constantly. It has been fun to watch his precious heart rejoicing with me.

Yesterday, I got to say one of my most favorite phrases EVER: “Daddy can fix it when he gets home”! Ahhhhh….how I love those words. My heart has been thinking so much about what this year-long journey has been like. I think it was my friend Stephanie who shook me out of my auto-pilot daze by asking me some deep questions one night when we were out at dinner. She asked me what I’ve learned through this deployment, how I’ve changed/grown and what God has done in me. I was kind of taken aback by her question because I was embarrassed that I haven’t really asked that question of myself! That line of thinking has truly led my heart to a place of gratefulness as I ponder this journey we’ve been on. Thanks Steph!

I was thinking this morning what I would say if I got interviewed (I’m famous in my mind – {sarcasm}) or if someone asked me if I could do it again. My answer (to my Barbara Walters self) was that no Army wife thinks to herself “Yeah, I would LOVE to do that again-bring it on!”. I think of my friends who know without a doubt that this deployment is one of many more to come and how their joy is deeply intermingled with sorrow over the knowledge that they WILL have to endure this again. I am grateful that we most likely will not have to do it again and I’m ready to be done with that aspect of life.

I’ve thought a lot about this and I don’t think this deployment has been hard because it was something I couldn’t handle by myself. I think it was hard because it’s hard to go from doing life together to doing life alone. When we share our lives with someone, we share our joys and our sorrows, we experience greater joy in the joy and greater relief in the sorrow because of the companionship. God said it wasn’t “good” for Adam to be alone. Adam looked around in the Garden of Eden and saw that he was the only one without a partner. God knew we needed companionship. I really get that in a new way and yet I can honestly say with understanding that Jesus is enough-He satisfies me.

Anyway, the boys and I are excited for all that is ahead. We have a busy summer and I’m literally telling you that almost every single week or weekend is booked from July 4 through September! AHHH! I have a lot on my mind and I feel like I have a lot to do to get ready. I’m planning a welcome home party for Jeremy in mid-August by the way! Stay tuned for those details.

5 thoughts on “Counting Down!

  1. Beautifully written Tiff. As hard as this has been, I also believe it has been good, too. I believe that you have learned that you have more strength and can handle WAY more than you ever thought you could. Not saying it was always easy and wishing that we were there to help, yet knowing that you learned alot more by all of us not being right there with you, except except through thoughts and prayer. You knew where to draw that strength and help, for that I am very thankful. I am soooooooooooo excited for all of you and of course us, too. I am very proud of Jeremy and also very proud of you and how you each have handled your “deployments”. I love you and can’t wait to be part of your “booked time” after July 4th!

  2. I’m stocking up on tissues for the reunion pics and video that are sure to be posted. I can’t wait for Jeremy to be home! And neither can Sloan. He talks about it all the time and prays for Jeremy every night at dinner. It’s so sweet. Love you guys!!!

  3. Oh this broke my heart in the most sweet of ways. Especially the part about your sons, I’m pregnant with my first, who is a boy, and I know that one day I will be listening to him talk to Daddy in Iraq awaiting his arrival. Bless you guys, and I pray your husband has a safe journey home to his precious family.

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