Keepin’ it Short

Earlier this week, two of my mommy friends (who share my age +/- a year) and I had this discussion about fashion and style in correlation to our age. I believe the conversation was along the lines of what we perceived a “mom” looked like when we were 15/16.  Of course, we had to mention this and laugh. (I can’t get it to post the video, so you’ll have to click the link.)

But all this talk about a “mom look” makes me think about another mom look I am trying to avoid now that the weather is getting warmer. I’m talking about shorts. Sigh.

If I was a lovely 125 lb fox, I would delight in the option of shorts and probably boldly show off my legs with no problem. However, I am not a 125 lb fox. (Though I’m trying to be and getting closer to a more comfortable weight every month!)

shorts I couldn't pull off these days

I’m 5’4 and my legs sooooo don’t look like those!  So how do you NOT have that “mom” look, but also not get stuck wearing jeans all summer long?

Sure, capris are cute, but dude, I live in a state where there is no air conditioning and it will get up to around 103 degrees at some point this summer. On those days, my capris don’t sound too appealing. Not to mention that I am going to Hawaii this summer and I would love to bring some cute and sassy shorts with me!

I think I need Real Simple or some other sensible magazine to do a write up on this topic. (And RS, could you keep the shorts at a reasonable price? Like less than $30.00 per pair would be dandy)  Maybe I need to call Athena at Nordy’s and get some fashion advice. Girls night anyone?

Ladies, do you have a weigh in on this short issue?