Men of 5/2, we'll never forget your sacrifice

This Memorial Day will be the one I remember differently. It’s something I don’t take for granted anymore; not now that I’ve lived it as the wife of a soldier who is at war.

These are the names of the men we have lost this year:

PFC Yanney
CPT Hallett
CPT Jenkins
SFC Sawyer
SPC Williams
SPC Welch
SPC Walshe
PFC Brochu
SPC Graham
SPC Dahl
SPC Coumas
SSG Gonzalez
SGT Delarosa
SGT Griffin
SGT Jackson
SGT Williamson
SPC Stanker
PFC Walz
SPC Aamot
SPC Gooch
SGT Paci
SSG Blanchette

Please stop and pray for these families real quick.

Thank you for supporting me and my children in our journey this year. Thank you for your encouragement and your strong arms. Thanks for letting me vent and crab and cry when I feel alone. Thanks for praying for my husband and for his friends.  Thanks for playing with my children; for wrestling with my son and throwing him around a bit. Thanks for being there for me, for them, and for us.

We love you and we will never forget.

One thought on “Memorial Day 2010

  1. You are correct. Now that we have lived it, it is different. It started becoming more real for me when I go to my Mom’s and we go to Uncle Lloyd’s next door. He takes his flag and lowers it at 1/2 mast, he salutes and keeps it that way for part of the day, then around lunch time he/we go back out, gather around the flag as he raises it and salutes again. It’s very touching. He served in WWII. due to his health this year, not sure how it will play out. My cousins will be there, so I’m sure there will be a ceremony and he’ll still salute!

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