This weekend, I sat in kid bliss.  I enjoyed Cooper and Chase so much that I wanted to stop time. They have both been sick and that is probably a big part of it.  This is a big deal to me though.

You see, when my boys are sick, they act, well…like girls. They sit quietly on the couch, they want to sit on my lap and read books, they want to snuggle and they talk sweetly to each other and to me.

One of my prayer requests during this deployment was that I wouldn’t be a “jerk mom”. You know…I didn’t want to do that thing all moms do where you talk to your children through clenched teeth without even moving your jaw somehow? I seriously didn’t want Coop to think to himself that the time that Jeremy was gone was bad because of me. I wanted this time to be special with me and the boys. And it has totally been that.

So my poor sick boys started with Coop on Friday night.  Chase’s started on Saturday. Cooper had a cough and a fever and body aches and Chase has a yucky cold. He had mucas coming out of his eyes today. EWWWWW! I am praying it clears up and doesn’t turn into pink eye…but it’ll probably be pink eye. Dandy.

In fact, I’m writing this late on Sunday night because I’m guessing Chase will wake up with goo-encrusted eyes and I’ll have to take him to the doctor while Coop is at school. (oh, is that mommy faux-pas sending Coop to school if his brother is sick or is that over the top?)

Anyway, on a good note, there was lots of snuggling done this weekend. I got to garden in the lovely weather, I cleaned out my closet, did laundry and just got my house in order. And sweet baby Chase started TALKING! AH!!!!!

He's just so cute right before his bath!

Honestly, he started tryng a couple days ago, but today I felt like it was good enough to “count it”. Chase said “uh-oh” today (multiple times) and he said his most favorite word of all time “cheese”, which sounds more like “CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” because he screams it every time I open the refrigerator door. Every. Time. I mean, I LOVE cheese, but really? I have to limit the kid on how much he can eat in a day because if I didn’t that is ALL HE WOULD EAT!

Cooper has been quite adorable too here lately. He is so excited about the fact that his Daddy will be home VERY soon and that he is turning 5. I remember when he was 3 going on 4, that he was not happy about it for whatever reason. He continuously told me he didn’t want to grow up and that he didn’t want to be 4. I have no idea why he said that stuff and I never could get a reason out of him. But 5 is totally the ultimate to him.  He is super excited.  I had better get my thoughts together about his birthday festivities so that the planning isn’t lost in the shuffle of Jeremy coming home.

I am really grateful for this “side” of things that is going on right now. What I mean is that this time last year, everything ahead was sad. There wasn’t anything I was looking forward to. I was praying that time would stop and trying so hard to hold every moment as tightly as I could. But now, now I feel like there is just SO MUCH to look forward to and I’m so excited. I’m still praying through Proverbs 31:25, but now, I believe it!

So that’s us! How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “First Words, More Germs and Happy Things to Look Forward to

  1. So far, so good! No crusty eyes and it looks like there isn’t any more mucas coming out of his tear ducts. His nose is all clear too! Could be good or he could be stuffed up!

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