It was easy for me to think to myself that this year’s Mother’s Day was really going to stink. I’m away from all of the moms I know and love (as in the people who really are my moms and grandmas), my hubby is in stinkin’ Afghanistan, and the boys are pretty oblivious. But you know what? Jesus loves me so much that He went out of His way to prove to me how wrong I was!

It started on Friday with the Mother’s Day Tea that Cooper’s school held. It was so precious! I just love that schools are doing this because it frankly makes us feel totally awesome. When we arrived, the kids were sitting quietly on their little carpet circle. They didn’t get up and run to us and they weren’t jumping all around. They were just quietly sitting and smiling at us!

Best Buddies

…ok, maybe they were a little bit silly. Once all the Mommies arrived (and ALL the Mom’s were there! 100% participation!), the teacher had the kids pray for our day and then we read some stories about Moms and their kiddos (which is part of the unit they are studying right now).

Mrs. Russell reading to us

Next, the kids stood up and sang us a couple cutsie songs they have learned throughout the year.

They are so precious when they sing! I have cherished this year of having Cooper at a private Christian school so much. I always said it would be our “deployment treat” (because Jeremy gets paid a little extra while he is deployed, so this is what the money went to).

These songs are constantly on Cooper’s heart and I love it whenever I hear him playing or coloring or even in the bathroom quietly singing these songs to himself. It brings me overwhelming joy to know that the songs in my son’s tender heart are songs about Jesus!

After the kiddos sang, they escorted us to our seats and they served us cake and punch that THEY MADE that morning.

Politely waiting his turn (notice he is at parade rest babe)

Getting the cake and punch for me

It was an angel food cake with vanilla pudding poked into it and topped with cool whip and strawberries. The kiddos cut the strawberries themselves, beat the pudding themselves and even built the cake themselves, all together. It was so precious to see the children serve us and WAIT until we were done to get their own cake and punch.

My tasty cake!

Near the end, we got some little gifts that the kiddos had made.

Front of the bookmark
Back of the bookmark, those flowers were made with his thumb prints!

A bookmark, a card and a sheet of quotes from each child in the class on what they think about their moms. Cooper said of me, “I love my Mommy because she lets me play my game (Curious George game) and because she gives me hugs.”

It was a super precious start to my Mother’s Day weekend!

acting silly for the camera (he held his wiggles in for so long!)
Finally got it together. The billboard in the back is about mother's and their babies, which is part of the unit they are studying right now.

Saturday morning, we all got to web-cam with Jeremy for a decent amount of time. It was great for us to see him, though these last months are so killer! We are all getting so anxious. Then, Sunday morning, the big day, finally rolled around. I told Cooper that if he was obedient and hurried, then we would stop at Starbucks on the way to church to get some treats.

Both the kiddos were very pleasant that morning! (Isn’t it so wonderful when you can all get to church and the morning has been a blessing even before the “worship service” has started?) Church was encouraging-we got some flowers and played a fun game of learning who was the oldest mother, the newest mother and who had the most grandkids. After church, Cooper proudly handed me a marigold in a coffee cup that he had put together in class that morning! It was decorated with all sorts of stickers and said “Happy Mother’s Day”!

Mother's Day flowers

When church was over, my friend Kim and I went out to lunch at this Greek Place I’ve been wanting to try in Puyallup off Meridian. (It’s the My Greek Mediterranean Grill over by the movie theater and Ruby Tuesdays.) Her hubby is at training right now and won’t be back till June, and of course Jer is gone, so we thought, why not take ourselves out to lunch?

We had a GREAT time. The restaurant was fun and the food was so good! There was flaming cheese and shouts of “OPA” all over the place. At one point, our waitress asked us if we were military wives. I laughed and said “yes, our hubbys are gone right now” and she replied, “ok, ’cause someone was asking”. I know you will all laugh at me…but my first thought was, “do we look like we are a couple?” and I then laughed at myself.

The next thing I know, the waitress is telling us that the family behind her has paid for our lunch and says thank you for our service and happy mother’s day! Kim and I burst into tears. We were shocked! I mean, I would be much less surprised to experience this in the mid-west, but not out here in a “military” town. We were so touched we had a hard time getting it together again. We told them thank you and the guy said, “She wasn’t supposed to tell you! It was supposed to be a surprise! But thank you so much for what you do for all of us every day and happy mother’s day”.

Wow. And to top it all off, the owner of the restaurant started handing out beautiful red roses to all the moms in the room.

It was SUCH a precious weekend! I felt so loved, so cherished and so protected. Here I was thinking that this was going to be a sad weekend and it was maybe one of the best. Thank you Jesus!


6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend Extravaganza!

  1. Love that story. What a reminder to me to give to our troops and their families like that. Love you and I’m glad you had such a lovely Mother’s Day.

  2. Hi there,

    I’ve commented here and there on your blog, but God has really laid it on my heart to tell you something. I’d write it in an e-mail but I’m new to WordPress and don’t know how to find your personal information, haha.

    You are one inspiring woman! Let me add to that, you are one inspiring woman of GOD and I cannot tell you how refreshing that is. My husband just deployed to Iraq almost a month ago and not only is this my first deployment (his fourth tour but his first with us being married) but this is the first time that we’ve been seperated. I think I speak for every army wife when I say it’s not an easy task. It can be depressing, lonesome, heartaching, and even discouraging.. but then there are women like you (and me on some days) where you really learn to enjoy life and bask in it’s ambience regardless. It’s very obvious that your strength comes from God, but I just want to commend you. Particularly because I’m going through this with you as well, but just all in all because you truly are a strong woman and I really look up to you!

    It’s comforting to know that theres a woman out there, going through the same thing I am going through, with a little extra pep in her step.

    Well done, ma’am!

    ❤ Lindsey

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comments and encouragement Lindsey! It’s always fun to meet a new reader and especially an Army wife who is walking that deployment walk. It’s a tough job, but God loves us so much and it will show if we let Him! Sounds like you are in the beginning of this deployment. Keep trusting in the Lord and just don’t let your mind wander off. Great to have you stopping by and good luck in your journey!

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