Chase has finally moved from the baby who cries ALL. THE. TIME. to the child who is generally delightful and content (again)! This is a very welcomed change of pace for me. When Chase was first born, I called him “Mr. Happy Pants”.  He was so content all the time as a little infant. He was cuddly, he loved to play quietly and he smiled all the time!

However, around 8 months, he started crying CONSTANTLY.  I vividly remember standing in a corner by the front door one morning while tears of frustration rolled down my face. I had called my friend because I was a hysterical mess over the fact that I couldn’t get Chase to stop crying. I was totally overwhelmed and had no idea why he wouldn’t stop.  I had tried everything I knew to try. To say it was terrible is such an understatement!

He seriously was like that until recently. It’ has been gradually getting better since February, but boy, October-February was rough!

Crying...his favorite past time

Anyway, this month, it is like each day he is better and better. When I came home from St. Louis, it just seemed like he was past a lot of “baby” stuff and was starting to move more confidently into toddlerhood. I can tell  he understands me a lot more when I speak to him, even though he STILL isn’t talking besides saying “momma”, “dada”, “bubba” and “doggie”.  (I mean what else is there to talk about when the basics are pretty much covered in those 4 words?)

He is walking all over the place, climbing the stairs as often as he can get away with it and attempting to figure out how to get up and down weird steps or uneven surfaces. He even has a decent amount of speed, though, he is still wobbly on his feet.

The latest things he has done that have really told me how “big” he is are as follows:

Whenever I am downstairs and I change his diaper, I wrap it in a bag and set it on the stairs so that the next time I go up I can grab it and put it in the diaper trash can. The other day I did this as usual, and then I was washing my hands/unloading the dishwasher, etc. All the sudden I heard a faint sound like a baby fussing and a kind of banging, but it sounded far away. We can hear the neighbors through the walls and they have a little boy about Chase’s age, so I assumed I was hearing him. Just in case I wasn’t, I asked Cooper, “Hey buddy, where’s Chase?” To which Cooper replied very matter-of-factly, “He’s upstairs”. AH!

I RAN up the stairs as fast as I could and realized that Chase had climbed all the way up the stairs, gone into his room to play and shut the door. He was banging on it from the inside because he wanted out and couldn’t get there! While I was running up the stairs, I just happened to strangely notice that the diaper I had just put on the steps was gone. Hmmm….

I get upstairs, open the door and say to Chase, “what are you doing little buddy!? Are you ok?”. He smiled at me and pointed as he walked over to the diaper trash can to show me that he had taken his diaper that was on the steps and placed it in the trash can where it goes! I praised him all over the place for being such a big helper and you could tell he was really proud of himself. It was so cute!

Cutie Patootie

The other thing I’m noticing is that whenever I give Cooper an instruction, Chase often times will walk over and quietly do what I asked Cooper to do (while Cooper continues NOT to do the thing I asked him to do..ahem…).

Yesterday we were at my friend Kim’s house. Cooper and her daughter, Reagan, were out back playing in the yard and I told them it was time to clean up. I asked them to please put the toys in the bucket for me. The next thing I know, Cooper and Reagan are running around the yard being silly while Chase is bending down to pick up toys and toddling over to the bucket to put the toys away!

AH! Be still my heart! He is so precious and all this stuff just melts me.  Many times when he is awake and playing, I forget he is in the room because he is playing so quiet and contentedly! I love how happy he is to just sit and play by himself. I feel like I’ve waited a long time for him to get back to this; or maybe I’ve just hoped he would swing back around. I’m so very happy that he has done what I hoped he would do! Love you Chase-Y-Bud!

cool cat

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