Riding his bike was Cooper's favorite past time while we were in town.

Every morning after Cooper woke up, he had one of 3 questions for me:
1. Can I play the wii?
2. Can I watch some George (Curios George is his favorite show)?
3. Can I go ride my bike?

Chase apparently touched a button muting the sound on the wii, so that wasn’t much fun,  and I never could figure out what time Curious George was on PBS while I was visiting, so the only other viable option was the bike! Cooper was outside riding his bike around the colt-de-sac every morning by 10 am.

In fact, there were MULTIPLE days that I forgot to feed the child breakfast because he went outside so soon after he woke up. (May I mention that I’m not much of a morning person and am pretty sure I hadn’t had nearly enough caffeine on those mornings I forgot.)

Telling me about the "sweet jumps" he was doing off the curbs.

Cooper rode his bike so much in fact, that it is challenging for me to find pictures of him without his bike helmet on. My mom told me that a friend thought maybe there was something wrong with Cooper because he’s wearing a helmet in so many of his pictures!

Picnic at Laurel park

We also went to a lot of parks while we were in town. Chase LOVES to slide and Cooper loves to just play in general. Here we are with Grandma Morbelli (Jeremy’s Mom) at Laurel Park, an old time favorite of mine!  There is a big pond there that Coop was pretty interested in. We went over to it with some oyster crackers with the intent of feeding some ducks. But they snubbed us! However, the bluegill in the pond were not as picky about the snack!

Sliding down the slide together in a sweet brotherly moment

There was one Saturday while we were in town that was particularly gorgeous. We decided to head to the Missouri Botanical Gardens…along with everyone else in St. Louis! We saw SO MANY PEOPLE there that we knew! It was so fun! (Alisha Barnard along with her mom, sister, niece and Stephanie H., Steve and Sara Otey plus children and Grandparents, Deb Roquet and Becky Thoele plus children and even some people my MIL knew but I didn’t know.)

A pic of the boys with their cousin Ashlynn at the Gardens

Jeremy and I had our wedding pictures taken at the Gardens, so I always feel a little dreamy whenever I go there. It’s a happy place. 😀 We got to experience the Children’s Garden for the first time too-and that was awesome! My only beef with it is that it is so big it makes me feel a little “Mommy Nervous” that there isn’t only one way in and out. The kids just sort of ran off and that scared us!

I think one of the funniest moments in the day was when the kids noticed that there are nude statues in the reflection pools. They didn’t realize we could hear them and they were snickering and laughing and asking why those people were NAKED! He he he he he he…it was funny. (Note to self: do NOT take Cooper to the Art Museum.)

Japanese Garden
A Touch of Seattle (and Chihully)
Japanese Garden II

Everything at the Gardens was so beautiful! I have lots of pictures, but you’ll have to check the Shutterfly site for the full spread.

Melting Pot for Dessert!

Thanks to my MIL, I got to enjoy multiple child-free excursions! One was a fun birthday dinner and dessert night with my BF Amy and her sister (and my friend too) Carrie! We went to the Melting Pot for dessert and it was SO GOOD! I’ve never been there before and it was really a fun thing to do. Mmmmm….chocolate.

I love this sign! If you can't read it, it says, "Where your kids can go run wild and you can go sit down".

Of course, we had to go to the zoo! It rained, but we made it through. (May I say rain in St. Louis and rain in Seattle are so different.)

It was challenging to get all the kids to look at the camera...especially with a waterfall right next to them.

I love this picture of all the cousins at the zoo…they are so cute!

Cooper and Ashlynn at Cora's Birthday Party

All in all, it was a great visit! I think my favorite part was just being around so much family. The kids were so happy to be with their cousins, I was so happy to enjoy adult conversation on a daily basis, and we all got to do so many fun things! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for flying us in to watch the house and the dogs. Here’s what they looked like daily:

Sleepy Puppies

Good times!

3 thoughts on “What We Did in St. Louis!

  1. Fun pics! I wish we could have seen you more, but the time we had was sweet. Can’t wait until you guys are here for good. There’s a house around the corner for sale. I wish I could buy it for you and hold it till you come!! 🙂 Love ya!

    1. Ooohhh really??!! I will see if I can find it online! That’s the one thing I’m SUPER excited to do. I’m praying Jeremy gets an awesome job so that we can buy again soon!

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