Whenever anything big is about to happen, the time right before it happens really can seem to draaaaaaaaag. I mean, all you have to do is talk to a mom-to-be about 6 weeks before she is due, and you’ll notice she’s starting to act pretty antsy.

I am feeling a bit like that the last couple of days. St. Louis was fun and refreshing and super busy, but now life has entered back into the calm hum of the daily grind.  Jeremy’s return is still at least 8 weeks away, if not more (who can tell?), but I find myself having very little patience and feeling so anxious. In terms of stuff to keep me busy, I’m down to continuing my conquest of Mt. Everest and cleaning out my closet.  Not exactly fodder for exciting blog posts, eh? (Actually, I may need to do a whole blog post with voting buttons for keep or toss shoes and various clothing items. Any thoughts on selling my old formal dresses? Should I Ebay or Craigslist ’em?)

What I really need is a high pressure weather system to camp out over WA state…Cooper and I seriously prayed for that tonight at bedtime. When I looked at the weather forecast just now to see what my chances were, I was pretty delighted to see this starting with Thursday. I can hold out for 3 more days!

So anyway, that’s the exciting life of the Nevil’s these days! Cooper is feeling my anxiousness too I think, so he is telling me he is “bored” often. Chase on the other hand, is super happy and walking faster every day!

Now I’m off to research the resale of those formals….Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Feeling Antsy

  1. Regarding your old formal dresses….Kelli Stabile held onto hers just long enough to give them to my girls when they were about 4 yrs old. They played dress up in them until they were in shreds almost! Soooo much fun! If you don’t sell them you might want to hold onto them for a girl in your future???
    Sorry you are feeling anxious. Phillipians talks about being anxious for nothing by giving it to the Lord. I will be asking Him to fill your days with delightful activities and joyful boys!

  2. Tiffany…I think you should hold on to your dresses. I mean I still have all yours and your sisters. You never can tell and you will just kick yourself one day for letting them go! Anyway thats my thoughts!

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