Sick of Being Sick, Etc.

‘nuf said right?

All of March was spent with one out of three of us being sick at some point and even simultaneously at another. Currently, I am STILL taking the antibiotics I was prescribed (and waited 120 minutes for in the Madigan Pharmacy ’cause I’m a loser and didn’t have it sent to WalGreens).

Add to all that the fact that the last two weeks made March the busiest month EVER (seriously, it felt busier than December!) and you’ve got a tired momma.(Tired and sick.)

Well, joy of all joys, Friday morning Chase had a fever and was super crabby. He has maintained that fever all. weekend. long.  I feel bad for him mostly because he looks at me with his big sad eyes like this…

How do ya say no to this kid?

…and he has been whimpering a lot. He and I spent a lot of hours up on Saturday night. It was not fun and the crying does get old.  He’s a doctor bound boy come Monday morning.

On the upswing, usually my kids get sick 1-2 days AFTER I get to St. Louis, rather than 1-2 days BEFORE I get there. This is never fun for me because then I have to search for someone who will take our insurance. BLEH. Oh…did I mention I’m leaving for St. Louis? 😀 So I am super-dee-duper glad for the opportunity to just take the boy in tomorrow to our doctor and have it out of the way and him hopefully on the road to recovery (again). In a weird way, it’s a blessing!

All this has also lit a fire under me and actually enabled me to pack earlier than I usually start packing (i.e. the night before I leave). I have all kinds of fun things on the calendar for the next couple of weeks while I am in the Lou and I am really looking forward to: seeing some friends I haven’t been able to connect with the last couple times I’ve been in town, enjoying my family as they enjoy my kids, having someone else around to hold/play with/entertain the baby, and enjoying some SERIOUS sunshine and warmth! The forecast is calling for 85 and sunny all week (almost) in St. Louis. The forecast in Washington consists of 55 and rain all week. So, yeah. AWESOME! I mean, I packed shorts! WAHOOOO!

I fully intend to lay out on the deck and sun bathe while the boys take naps in the afternoon. Oh! That reminds me I need to pack the monitors….

Alrighty. I have a to-do list to get to. Here’s to hoping I don’t break and or lose the camera while I am gone. (HUSH Jeremy!) And thanks Mom for leaving me your lap top so I can keep up with the blog! WAHOOOOO!

P.S. Please pray for us in all seriousness. I’m flying solo with the boys and Chase is not working his “A” game. It will probably be less than fun to say the least.

The Great Toy Dilemma

I’m currently having a great debate with myself concerning my boys and all their toys.  I have this thing about “stuff”…I like it to have a home all it’s own. I can barely keep track of my own “stuff”, so it is really overwhelming when the kids’ stuff starts to get out of control. The toy baskets and bins in Cooper’s room are now completely overflowing. This can only mean one thing in my house…

…It’s time to get rid of some toys.

The only problem is I get hung up on a few issues:

1. Toys that are currently not played with are toys that Chase will soon enjoy, so I am leery to totally get rid of them.
2. Whenever I discuss departing from some toys or giving some to Chase, he’s not a fan. (Not that his opinion would stop me though!)
3. I already do the “toy rotation” idea where I skim the surface of all his toys, throw them in a rubbermaid bin and put them in the garage for a couple months. Then when Cooper starts to ask me for new toys or begins acting unhappy with what he has, I just bring out the “new” toys and skim the top of the “old” toys and then it is their turn for rotation.
4. My garage is already full of stuff!

I know Jeremy and I are still interested in more children too. So something a kiddo doesn’t enjoy now could be enjoyed later by not just Chase, but another child!  Chase loves all of his brother’s toys so much that he prefers to play in Cooper’s room over playing with his toys in his room. I would really like to have the toys be posessions that they share rather than own individually. I’ve even gone so far as to try not to say “this is Cooper’s toy” or “this is Chase’s toy” to them.

I would ideally like to cut the amount of toys Cooper especially has in 1/2. I would adore the idea of giving the toys that are gently used to someone who really needs them or will at least thoroughly enjoy them.

Got any new ideas for me peeps? I don’t want to do Goodwill because I want the toys to be given for free. I want the boys to understand that life is not all about “stuff” and when you have as much “stuff” as we have, it is nice to share some of it with kiddos who don’t have as much as we have been blessed with in our life.