Funny observations on the first night home:

  • All my plants are huge! And, apparently, I forgot I had a few things planted and now there is some crowding going on…I may need to do some spacing here pretty soon. The hydrangea is hogging everything!
  • It is past 8 pm and still VERY bright out.  It was not like that 2 weeks ago.
  • Flowers, flowers everywhere!
  • The kids were giggling as we walked up the steps to walk in the door. Chase was walking around smiling from ear to ear as he made his B-line all the way to his toys. Cooper ran upstairs to “look at his room” and then called down to me, “mom, come here! you’ve gotta see my room!”. I said, “is it the same?” and he said “YES! COME SEE!”
  • It’s weird that Jeremy is not here. I know that sounds funny, but it’s just a reminder of the void. Sad!

Our flight was great this morning; the boys ate a little, slept a little and cried and laughed a little. My friend Stephanie picked us up and chauffeured us to our friends the Johnson’s house to pick up our car. Then we got home, had a snack and went to the grocery store. We ate dinner, I gave the kids baths and now they are in bed! All I want to do is take a bath and go to bed too, so I am debating with myself as to whether I should run that bath and unpack while I do it or just save unpacking for later and veg on the couch….decisions, decisions…

I’ll upload pictures later too. Jer honey, I miss you! Call me soon!

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