I had to call 911 tonight. I don’t know that I have ever been so scared! In fact, the fire department just left my parent’s house. (In all seriousness, I would have taken pictures if the batteries in my camera were not dead.) Obviously we are all ok, so is the house. But it was still scary none the less!  I know it may seem crazy that I am sitting here blogging after all this just happened, but I don’t know what else to do while I wait for my parents to call me back. So, here’s what happened:

I got home tonight from dinner with my sister and got the kids into their bedroom routine; baths, prayers, etc.  I tucked everyone in, unloaded the dishwasher, played with the dogs and picked up the house. I finally finished all my grown up stuff and I headed downstairs to have some quiet time and check my email. I had been hearing a funny sound from the fan(on the furnace) that was running since I got home, but I didn’t think anything of it other than “that’s a funny sound…hmmm…I wonder if it does that all the time…” I wasn’t going to call my parents in Europe and wake them up in the wee hours of the morning to find out if the furnace fan makes a funny sound sometimes.

As I was checking my email I heard a loud pop and all the sudden I started to smell smoke. I walked out into the basement and smoke was pouring out of all the vents. I immediately thought “I’ve got to get the kids and the dogs out of the house now”. I called 911 and woke the kids up as I was talking to the fire department. I couldn’t remember my parents phone number (it’s new…they just changed it a couple of months ago!)!!! I actually said to the dispatcher “I don’t know what my phone number is, I can’t remember!) Cooper was in a dead sleep and didn’t want to wake up, and I knew I couldn’t carry Cooper and Chase while talking to the fire department. So I grabbed Cooper, picked him up, ran out of the house and told him to sit on the driveway! I ran back inside and grabbed Chase, then ran outside again. By this time, I was done talking to 911, so I sorta shoo’d Cooper over to the neighbors house as fast as I could while I carried Chase.

My parents neighbors are THE BEST! I’ve known them since I was 12 and they have literally saved us multiple times. (More on that another time.) So I dropped the kids off with them and then Mr. Lewis (neighbor) and I went to try to gather the dogs. Cody, my parents 125 lb yellow lab, was already outside with me looking very concerned. Sadie, the 80 lb chocolate lab was STILL ASLEEP in the house. So I called and called and called to her and she finally came (the fire department told me not to go back in the house, so I just called to her from outside). I was trying to think of what to do with the dogs before the firemen came…they needed to be safe, contained and in a place I could actually get them to GO.  THE TRUCK! I grabbed my Dad’s truck keys and told the dogs “ok, in the truck guys!” They hopped in, I rolled the windows down a scooch and just as I shut the doors to the truck the firetrucks arrived.

There were three firetrucks, the sheriff’s SUV and an ambulance all in my parents coul-de-sac/street! They went into the house and determined that the fan on the furnace had gotten jammed or short circuited. It sparked and then blew and that’s what all the smoke was coming from. The firemen tripped the circuit box, turned off the gas and the power to the furnace and tried to help clear out all the smoke in the house with a ginormous, super-powered fan. They told me it was totally safe to go inside, they cleared out and now, here I sit.

A ton of thoughts were swirling through my head as I stood there watching the firemen come and go, but the main one was “what if my parent’s house burns down while they are in Europe!”. Somehow that seems very Chevy Chase and European Vacation-esque…

I am super grateful my parents have awesome neighbors who were there and ready to help, I’m glad it was no big deal, that everyone is safe and that now after writing about this, some of my adrenaline from the situation has dissipated. I’m going to try and get the house shut down (safely) and get Cooper back to bed. He’s a little “nervous” about the events of this evening! Praise God for quick thinking! See honey, I may get stressed out, but when push comes to shove, I can think pretty quick on my feet! Thank you Jesus for protecting all of us, my parent’s house and their puppies!

Oh and my parents did call back while I was typing this. All is well and they are glad we were here too!

6 thoughts on “Quick Thinking

  1. Your are the best. We knew we where leaving our home in good care. Can never tell you how much we appreciate you and we love you!
    Dad and mom

  2. I have gotten behind on checking blogs lately, but this post deserves more than 4 comments. Whew! Stress!!!! What a crazy night! You are a super capable, quick-thinking, problem solving chica. Glad everyone is ok!

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