Spring is in full swing here in St. Louis! We enjoyed 80+ temps today. Cooper was outside riding his bike before 11 am. Between playing the Wii and playing outside, I almost feel like I didn’t see him today. (Almost)

Our flight yesterday was as I expected it to be; Chase was not happy and had a rough go the entire time, but Cooper was a champ and had a blast. He made everyone around him laugh with his running commentary of the flight. And after the flight was over, the pilots invited Cooper up in the front of the plane and let him use the microphone! (He said “welcome to St. Louis!”) It was super cute and he was soooooooooooooo excited. Once we were off the plane and out of the airport, we headed to my beloved Cracker Barrel….ah, how I’ve missed you comfort food! Chase was none too happy but Cooper was thrilled because Cracker Barrel has TOYS! I bought him an accordion (I was weak, what can I say?) and then we headed home for bed.

This morning, I was awoken by my poor Mom finding Chase covered in diarrhea. Yeah…that’ll wake you up.  He was smiling though! We got Chase cleaned up and got the morning going. I’m pretty sure it is the antibiotics working on his system that caused that accident this morning. Did I mention he was diagnosed on Monday with a double ear infection and croup? Huh….

After a nice breakfast with my parents and my Grammie, we relaxed at the house. Then we all said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa as they headed to the airport on their trip to Europe! They are going to London and Brussells…and somewhere else that I forget. I know they’ll  have a great time and even though I am sad to see them go and not get to spend a ton of time together, it is fun being in the quiet house with the dogs! (Thanks for letting me use your lap top Mom!)

Tonight, I went to dinner with Jeremy’s brother and his wife (my SIL and I go way back…we went to Junior High AND High School together!) and their daughter,  along with Jeremy’s Mom and Step Dad, Sister and her daughter. I was craving some mexican food, so we hit Espinos in the Valley. Awww…more delicious grub! Sorry honey! Don’t hate me too much.

After that we hit Target for a diaper resupply and then headed home. Now the kids are in bed, I have a lovely cup of coffee by my side, the house is quiet (and nice and cool!) and the puppies are lounging happily. Take a deep breath with me all together now as I say…ahhhhhhhhhh.

More fun awaits us tomorrow! My MIL is going to hang with the boys and I and then I am going to enjoy some dinner with all my friends I used to work with at EFREE! The weather looks beautiful and I have some fun dates with a bunch of people I haven’t seen in many visits. Yay, yay, and YAY!

I have pictures of today’s fun…but I dunno how to post them yet. I will have to mess with the laptop. Mom, you don’t mind if I just load pics here right? He he he he he he I’m kidding!

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