WARNING: The following videos are oozing with childlike cuteness. It is possible that you may spit liquid out your nose watching the children adjust themselves, tell other children to be quite, make silly faces at one another and forget their lines while they sing their precious hearts out and do all the movements out of sync with one another.  You may want to not drink anything or eat anything while you watch these videos.  You also might not be able to get out of your chair or walk afterwords. Thank you.

There are 12 videos below… (yes, I had to post ALL of them and sorry, videographer I am NOT).  You can hear me quietly giggling, the camera is shaky, etc….but they are so worth the watch. All together it will take a total of 20 minutes of your time..but heed the above stated warning!

Honey, this is the one he messes up his line on…

His starring role!


One thought on “Cooper’s Easter Program

  1. I don’t know who I laughed harder at, you laughing at the kids while you where taping or the kids themselves!!
    These are super cute videos.

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