Tuesday night, Cooper had a school Easter program (still working on that video). The gig started at 7 pm, but the kiddos needed to be in their classrooms by 6:40 pm so that they could walk out together etc. Chase goes to bed at 7 pm. So I had this thought that I should have someone come to the house and watch Chase/put him to bed and then Cooper and I could have a special “date” night where I focused on just him for once.

To my total and utter surprise, this backfired!

I didn’t tell Cooper in advance that I was going to have his beloved Maggie come over to watch Chase while we were gone. I didn’t think it really mattered and I thought he would be super excited at having my focus on just him. Instead, here is how the conversation went at dinner that night.

Me: “Hurry up and eat Coop; we’ve gotta get Chase in the bath before Ms. Maggie gets here.”

Coop: “Why is Ms. Maggie coming over?”

Me: “She’s going to watch Chase so that he can go to bed and I can go to your program with you, just me and you.”


I was totally shocked at this response. We discussed the matter a bit more and he agreed to disagree. Even on the way home that night he said he missed Chase and wished he could have been there.

I’ve seen glimpses of this love before. Since the weather has been starting to warm up, I’ve taken the boys to the park a couple of times. Cooper’s eyes light up when I get Chase out of the stroller and you can tell that he just longs for Chase to be able to run around with him. I think Cooper is starting to understand that in Chase, he has a buddy to play with all the time! Cooper is constantly wishing he had someone to play with, so it warms my heart to see him “get it” so to speak.

Cooper still needs some space though. He is on the line with afternoon naps and so on the days where I let the nap slide he gets to have “quiet room time” instead. He has loved it and requests it many a day. I think it’s nice for him to play without his baby brother pulling apart his train tracks/road/fort/fire station/space station…etc.

I am totally in love with all these little ways Cooper loves his baby brother. I tell myself it won’t always be like this; there will be times when they do NOT like one another. But for now, I love that they are growing in their brotherly love. I absolutely believe that sibling affection is TAUGHT not just automatic. I know I’ll need to continue to work on teaching that value to the boys. In the mean time, these moments make my mommy heart swell with joy!

It really was love at first sight...
Already eager to play together...

One thought on “Thoughts on Brotherly Love

  1. Though my kids fight like cats and dogs, they love to be with one another. That kind of togetherness is precious and sweet and when they are all in the right mood, they are so very tender with one another. Even when the time comes that they don’t always like one another, you will be amazed at how much they still love one another. It’s precious!

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