This year of having Jeremy physically absent has taught me so much about myself as a mom and as a person. Jeremy and I have enjoyed some amazing phone conversations as we’ve had the opportunity to reflect on how we treat one another, what we do well, what we need to work on, etc. It’s been eye-opening and challenging to say the least.

Currently, my lessons are more mom-centered. I don’t handle stress very well. Jeremy handles it AWESOME; which is why he is a soldier and I am not! But since he is not here to buffer my moodiness, I’ve had to grow a lot spiritually and emotionally (a.k.a. I’ve made A LOT of mistakes).

I have a new slogan that I have been reminding myself of so that I eliminate some of the things that make me bonkers. Whenever my day starts looking a little crazy I ask myself a couple questions:

1. Did I set myself up for failure or success today?
2. What could I have done better/what should I change now and for the rest of the day?
3. How can I implement those things in my life (starting ASAP) so that I can be more successful?

This may sound funny to you, I mean, this is stuff people do in their jobs all the time. It’s called your quarterly review! HA! But, I need to be checked too. Afterall, if you take the skills and responsibilities I have on a daily basis and convert them to job skills-I’m pretty much awesome. I’m just sayin’….

So, back to setting myself up for success, let me tell you a story to help you picture what I mean (keep in mind I don’t handle stress well):

Saturday morning was a GORGEOUS day in Washington. I wanted to do a couple of things that day: go to Home Depot and get some supplies to help my garden off to a good head start, go to Target to get a few needed household items. Now, I had in mind to accomplish these things before afternoon nap, a.k.a. 1:00 pm, so that I would have the rest of the day to garden and spend some time ALONE doing my little rejuvenating hobby.  But alas, the day did not go as planned!

I did get a shower and was dressed by 9 am (which is impressive for me on a Saturday morning). But then, my sister called and I REALLY have been wanting to talk to her forever. So we talked for an hour and a half. (note-first mistake) Then, Chase woke up from his nap and it was 10:30 am! AH! So I needed to fix my hair. But then Jeremy called! YAY! So I spent another almost 2 hours on the phone. (it was pretty much all over by now) It was then noon, the children were climbing the walls and I realized that my day was not going to go as planned.

That’s the kind of stuff that drives me bonkers…when I have a day that I’m so excited about and it goes straight down the toilet. I didn’t set myself up for success! I should have adjusted my expectations much more quickly.

I thought about taking the kids and leaving at 12:30 pm and just having late naps, etc. but I realized I would be crazy to do that after the way the morning had gone. So instead I let it go that the day didn’t go as planned and I adjusted my heart and my plan for the rest of the day. We ate lunch, we all took naps, and then we went out after naps. BAM! Mommy Success!

Are you laughing at me yet? Don’t laugh at me! Ok, you can a little.


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