Today is March 1-YAHOOOOOO! I have +/- 5 months left until we are done with our deployment adventure, but most likely, it’ll just be a solid 4. April is my mental marker as the downward slope, so don’t go cheering for us just yet! March is actually going to be a busy month, so April will come fast, I know!

because he is cute

In the mean time, I’m pretty boring. Boring can be good sometimes, but it tends to make for cruddy blog content.  My brain is overflowing with thoughts, but they are mostly things I’m worried about!  I’m trying to focus on the verse, Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come”. I like to laugh…

On a happy note, the weather continues to be lovely here in WA. Yesterday must have been a wake up call for all the trees because there is pink and white and yellow all over the place! I noticed that in 2 weeks it’ll be time to change the clocks! YAY! Once it starts staying light a bit longer I renewed my late summer commitment to take the boys for a walk after dinner. So that’ll be fun to look forward to!

Oh yes and I posted some funny hilarious pics of my girls dance party we had not too far back at my friend Shari’s house. What a blast! I still have that song in my head….pardon the sweat stains though, we were WORKING OUT!

Oh yes, and Jeremy is doing very well. We talked a whopping three times last month, but I’m hoping March brings back more frequent communication. I know he is itching to tell some stories and I just miss my friend.


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