Yesterday was such a lovely day here in Washington! It is the last of the nice days for this week too, so I wanted to take advantage of it while I could! Here on post we have the privilege of multiple playgrounds/parks. Case in point, there are 5 on my street alone. 🙂 Your tax dollars at work!

So I took the boys to the park. I’m pretty sure that it is the first time Chase has gone to the park and actually participated in something we were doing…rather than just sitting in the stroller asleep! He had a great time on the swings, going down the slides with Mommy, jumping on the bouncy bridge with brother and playing on the see saw. Here’s a few pics of our fun little outing.

Sitting on the climbing rock with big brother

Chillin' on the swings
Big brother on the play structure...his coat matched the pretty blue sky!

If you look above the top bar on the swing set, you'll see two little dots...and they are actually two Black hawk helicopters! (Cool stuff about living on post!)
Playing on the see saw with brother...I was a little too nervous to get off for this picture, so I just leaned over

Oh yeah, and this is always funny…the first time a little one discovers wood chips! He he he he he he

This was his first attempt to crawl on the wood well as his last. He wasn't a fan!

And that was our fun today at the park! It was nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while we can. The rains return tomorrow-BLEH!

One thought on “First Time at the Park

  1. what great pics and how much fun to spend your days with the boys. That was a great time of life for me and my kids too. they still talk about the fun pre-school years we had in Lawrence. the biggest question of the day was, who will we play with and what park will we go to? I loved it!

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