“I love this record baby, but I can’t see straight any more….What’s the name of this club?”  CLUB SHOCK!

I’ve been begging my friend Shari to get the Wii game, “Just Dance” for a bit now (so that we could all have a dance party!).  Well, yesterday,  she got it! So me and the girls went over in our workout gear (sans kiddos) and had a dance party!

It was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!! We have pictures floating amongst us, but I’ll have to post them later when the girls send them out. and here they are!

Have I mentioned I'm not very coordinated?
It's hard to watch the screen and do the moves sometimes
This was my favorite move on the funky dance where the lady is all tribal. We were cracking up!

The game was totally made for my generation; NKOTB was on there, as well as MC Hammer, Blondie, Cyndie Lauper etc. Even so, I totally wish this Lady Gaga song was on there…especially since it’s the name of the GAME! But at the same time, I’m sure it was a little too suggestive for the game and Lady Gaga would have owned Nintendo.  Still sad it wasn’t there!

Ok, so the game was great fun. You can have up to 4 dancers going at one time (which we did while the two prego Mamas sat on the couch eating ice cream, cookies, cookie dough, marshmellows, etc. and laughed at us). You score points somehow, but we weren’t really sure how. We just were laughing, dancing and singing too much!

Have I mentioned how fun it was?

I think my only question is whether or not you can open or win new songs/music or buy new songs/music? There were 32 songs, and they were fun, but it just left me wanting more!

We had a great time and if that’s exercise, I’ll do it EVERY DAY!

P.S. Does anyone else think that Erinn on the Office looks like Lady Gaga kinda?….

P.P.S. I’ll add pics to this post later, check back for a good laugh! Hope you like the pics!


6 thoughts on “Just Dance!-with pics

  1. Alright, just to clarify . . I only ate one of the little packages of marshmallows and about 2 bites of cookie dough! Lol. And, I now own that game, too . . Jeremy bought it for V-Day (partly so he can use it for youth group) and I’m wondering if we’ll be able to get more songs, too? We’re thinking that maybe once you earn a certain amount of points?

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