A year ago today (because as I write this it is still the 2nd…not yet the 3rd!), we were witnesses to a marriage!  Our good friends, the Tillman’s, went before the JP. I remember feeling really yucky that day. I knew Chase would be coming soon, so I figured it was due time for me to feel awful.

Krista and I mere hours before I went into labor!

Look at my HUGE belly! Holy cow!

This one is pure torture...UGH! That's Cooper...orbiting my tummy...

After dinner, all I wanted was to go to sleep. I think I even went to bed super early that night-like after Cooper! Then at midnight, it all started. (I just read through that post describing my labor and it was so fun!) Labor and delivery was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I had a C-section with Cooper but I was determined that my body was going to do it’s work and that I would have a successful V-back with Chase. I heard TONS of people telling me I shouldn’t do it and blah, blah, blah, but tons of friends praying for me and telling me I could. I prayed too-a lot-and I did it! It was the wildest thing feeling everything.  I loved it! God blessed me so richly and answered my heart’s deepest desire for having my children.

Having Chase was everything I had hoped it would be and experiencing his sweet little life this past year has fulfilled those same hopes. I LOVE having two boys-it is so fun to watch them together. They bring me overwhelming joy in the midst of sad times. And I have deeply treasured and cherished every waking moment of my sweet and cuddly baby boy.

Snuggled and bundled, Chase on day one

I remember quietly snuggling him in the hospital and marveling at how his tiny little head was so perfect, how his hair felt like pure silk.

I love how different Chase is from Cooper, and yet how similar they are as well. He is the most ticklish baby I have ever played with, he loves to laugh, he loves to watch the washer machine go round and round. Chase loves his blankie and his binkie like no baby I’ve ever met! He loves to cuddle and hear me sing “Itsy-Bitsy-Spider”. He loves, loves, loves animals-especially dogs. He makes such a scene when he sees a dog up close that it is all I can do to keep him in my arms. He loves to dance and listen to music and clap his hands along. He is very interested in big brother’s drums and guitar….

The moment we met!

I think the things I am most excited about for Chase are the times ahead of us. I am so excited for Jeremy to come home and just bask in the fun that these two little boys bring. I know he will soak in every waking moment of their lives and I can’t wait to watch them remember how much fun it is to have Daddy around. I am so excited for Chase to walk. Even though he is certainly on his own time schedule when it comes to that feat, I know it will come about in due time. His brother had better watch out!

I’m also excited to see how his personality will continue to develop over the next year. In the first few months that we had Chase, I nicknamed him “Mr. Happy Pants”, because for a while, he was the most content baby (until teeth came)! And he still is pretty peaceful (so long as brother is not in his face or someone has not just told him “no”).

Mr. Happy Pants-I love this picture of GG Hall holding the smiley baby!
Happy Baby!

Happy Birthday to my precious baby boy. Chase, we love you so much and cherish your bright spirit and your affectionate heart. I am so glad God brought you into our family to bless us with your joy! I pray that this next year, you will continue to grow in all the blessings He is bestowing on you. I can’t wait to watch what good work He will continue to weave in you my dear son. Happy Birthday my darling!

(Oh, and it is only appropriate to mention that Chase has the distinct joy and honor in sharing his birthday with Papa Nevil. Happy Birthday Papa Nevil!)


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chase Evan!

  1. He is such a cutie, Tiff. I know you already know that, but I’ll go ahead and affirm it. I LOVE the hat picture. I want to squeeze his cheeks. And I am still so proud of you for enduring and fighting for your labor and believing in yourself! You rock!!!

    Happy birthday, Chase!!!

  2. I have to admit that I don’t read your blog as often as I should, reading about what you and the boys are doing just reminds me of how far away from me you are….Thank you for mentioning the birthday that Chase and I share…..his birth was a bright light in a very difficult week spent by Mom’s bedside during her last week. You are such a wonderful mom, wife and daughter in law. I thank God for you in our lives and of course the lives of Jeremy and Coop and Chase….I love you, Tiff.

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