Virtual Retail Therapy

I love shopping. But I’m a casual window shopper. I like to browse. Basically, I’m the kind of girl people don’t usually like to shop with because I’m S-L-O-W.  I don’t have a “seek and destroy” attitude…But! Virtual shopping is almost better! I get to have all the fun of shopping and tons less work.

Have you SEEN the stuff at ATL latey? HA! Gorgeous! Look at these sassy jackets! Too fun.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Where do you like to waste your time?


Monday, Monday…

Hey everyone! I had a great time at the Army Family Strong Bonds Retreat this weekend at Suncadia Lodge in Cle Elum, WA! It was so great! But alas, there is laundry to do, dinner to be made, and lots and lots of other things to do.

In the mean time, you’ll have to check out our pictures in a new place (though I will post a couple here later).  It’s the Album “2010-01-25”.  I am trying out Shutterfly in the thoughts that I won’t keep using the Flickr site. It’s just easier to order prints for family if I use this site.

So anyway, I will post later about my trip and all that I learned but for now, I’ve gotta get going before the day escapes me completely!