Chase has a bad case of “Mommyitus”. Yes, it is the common ailment of children who spend way too much time with their Mom. (note to self) At first, it’s way flattering. But then, it gets kinda old.

It’s old now.

I’m working on the little man; trying to help him see that he doesn’t need to have a cow when other people hold him. Surprisingly, this last week at our small group Bible study, Mr. Johnson got to hold Chase and he DIDN’T CRY! (Chase that is.) I think Peter was especially surprised. We took a picture to commemorate the occasion.

Happy Snuggly Baby with Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson's rendition of what USUALLY happens when he attempts to hold Chase.

Chase turns 1 this Wednesday! I can’t believe how big he is getting. It’s so sad and happy all at once!

2 thoughts on “Mommyitus

  1. Wow, you couldnt’ve (yea I made up this word) cropped me out of this what would’ve been cute photo first! Thanks Tiff!

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