Ok, this is going to be a little sappy. Sorry! My heart is just a deep place and sometimes I gotta let it out so I can breathe a little more and laugh a little louder.

Anyway, there is this song that has been playing on the radio for a while now and it just stirs so much in my soul. I love this song for lots of reasons. Listen to it real quick.

I love how he weaves this idea of going back into the past and working through the rough spots, those who you hurt and who hurt you. This song isn’t my story, but the idea behind it is what makes me like it.

Seeing how this March is my birthday month and my spiritual birthday month (12 years I think! WHOA!), well, that’s just fun. I am so glad Jesus has called me to Himself. I think a lot of people would believe in God if it weren’t for the cheese factor that we can portray sometimes. [Sheesh…I hope THIS isn’t cheesy! Sappy ok, but not cheesey!]

I was such a different person before. I’m not who I was then. And I am so happy that I’m not that person. All the best stuff stays of course. So I am in some ways the same-just better.  I wish I could go back and redo some things in my life. High school for one. College too maybe. But if I changed it, then in a lot of ways I wouldn’t be who I am now! Is this confusing conversation yet?

I guess I’m just sayin’ I’m glad for who I am now, and I’m not who I was. Thank you Jesus.


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