Happy Monday!  I have not been blogging much lately, but I have been doing some things that are fun little creative outlets for me. (AND this is one of the things on my “Deployment Goals” list so that’s good.)  I have been working on some photo books on Shutterfly (YAY free coupon for an 8×8 photobook!).

I found this video of Cooper when I was looking for baby stuff for him. It cracks me up because he is just BARELY talking in it. We had literally JUST moved here to Washington and were still living in our scary apartment in Tacoma.

I remember he used to do this thing that cracked us up (that’s why I’m laughing in the video). We called it “Cheesy”. He would do this silly smile and it would always slay us because somehow he knew JUST when to pull it out. Big surprise that even at such a young age (he wasn’t even 2 yet) he was already cracking jokes and understood such a thing as “timing”!

Just to be fair, I found this video of Chase that was super sweet. Look how little he is!

All these videos have reminded me of what a sweet and fun boy Cooper was (and still is) and how much I adore my kids. It is heartwarming.

Ok, one last video, to make  you laugh.

P.S. My BF Amy in STL told me today that AFV CALLED HER and asked her if they could use a funny video she sent in…and they told her they’d give her $500.00! Is this funny enough you think? Amy’s video was pretty hilarious….I dunno if I can compete!


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