I was going to send an email out about all this, but I decided to just blog it because it isn’t anything that can’t be said out on the more open air waves of the internet!

Jeremy made it to his new forward operating base! He is safe and sound. He said that he REALLY likes it there so far. All the guys are enjoying the change of pace and scenery. Jeremy said that the environment is relaxed and he appreciates that. Additionally, he did purchase a monthly wi-fi plan so that he has unlimited wifi in his tent! YAY! We’ll be seeing him online a lot more I think. We skyped this morning and that was fun times, though the video feed using Yahoo Messenger was a little better than the Skype feed. That is probably a bandwidth issue I’m sure.

Jeremy told me a fun story this morning. He got pinned today with his Sgt. rank! Before he left to go on leave, his SFC (Platoon Sgt) told him NOT to pin himself if his promotion kicked in. He said he wanted to have a “ceremony” for Jeremy when he got back. So Jeremy does what he is told and didn’t wear his Sgt. rank even after his promotion kicked in on the 1st. He waited till he got back.

Apparently, his SFC was pretty excited for him to come back; they didn’t waste any time. First, let me tell you its cold and rainy in Afghanistan. He was told to put on his ninja tops and bottoms (think long johns) and come back outside. He got smoked in the mud and rain while a crowd watched. He said the NCO creed while he low crawled in the mud in his skivvys and flip flops with some goggles on. (At least they were considerate of his contacts right?) They told him they wanted him to remember what it WAS like to be a “joe” so that he doesn’t forget it as an NCO (non-commissioned officer).

As always, Jeremy was a good sport about it all. When he told me that story, I apologized profusely and said all the things you might be thinking yourself right now. His response? “Actually, it was really cool”. Yeah. Seriously. That is what he said.

Probably the coolest part of the whole story is what his SFC said to him when he pinned him. He said, “Jeremy, from the bottom of my heart, here is your first set of hard stripes. You earned them and I’m proud to call you a fellow NCO.”

AH! That brought tears to my eyes when I read that! The Army can be such a crazy place sometimes. Who would want to be told to do push ups and low crawl in the freezing cold rain, with your face in the mud (another NCO actually SHOVED his face down in the mud because TECHNICALLY when you low crawl you are supposed to have your head down) while you try to recite a long creed from memory with a ton of other guys jeering at you? Fun times right?

My Studly Man

I am so proud of him for exactly this kind of stuff. His SFC was right. Jeremy earned those stripes and I am so exceedingly proud of him!

Congratulations honey!

Jeremy said he will put pictures up “tomorrow” so that will be in a few hours for us. Be looking this evening and they might be up depending on how long it takes for him to upload them.

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