There are some pretty good times being had here in the Nevil home. We’ve been taking it easy and just having fun being together. Chase and Jeremy are so cute and cuddly together as you can see here.

Blankie AND Daddy? Can life get any better?
Chase LOVES his blankie
But he loves Daddy too so he shared blankie
Toys R Us kids

Jeremy and I have enjoyed some time Christmas shopping together. While it was not so fun waiting until the last minute to Christmas shop, it was worth it to get to do it with Jeremy rather than alone. And we even got the chance to go out shopping without the kids! WOO-HOOO! Thanks Crystal!

We made a gingerbread house together one night. Jeremy didn’t think it was all that fun at first.

"yay" he says

But then after he had some candy, listened to some Christmas music and danced around with me and Cooper while we decorated the house, he realized how much fun it really was and was pretty happy we did it. Here is our finished product.

Cooper had his school Christmas program last Tuesday night and it was pretty hilarious. We did take video, but it is about a half hour long, so we will have to upload it to YouTube in segments. We’ll try and do that later. But here are some cutsie pics of the boys right before we left.

I dunno why we even tell him to smile and look at the camera....
What a winning shot!
Seriously, how can you resist such cuteness?

Tonight is date night and we are so excited! Thank you Shari for watching the kiddos for us!

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