Stay tuned for some videos and pictures!

I annoyed even myself after I watched this video…I think I told Cooper to keep holding up his sign about 10 million times! Sorry! But it was SO fun welcoming him home! THE BEST!


20 thoughts on “My Christmas Present is Here!

  1. Oh my!!! I couldn’t see the end, my eyes were so full of tears!! I’m soooooo very happy for you guys, and yes, thankyou for sharing this with us all. So glad to have your home Jeremy

  2. This also brought tears to my eyes 🙂 I am so excited he gets to be home for a little bit! Hope you guys have a fantastic time with him!

  3. AWWWWWWWWW!!! I love it, Tiff! An absolutely precious moment in Nevil family history. Hugs to you all! Thanks for sharing your love for our country and each other with the rest of us. Praying the next two weeks go by very slowly for you!
    Tiff for the Boren crew

  4. No tears here, but I still did like it. I promise! I liked thinking of the insane anticipation as Jeremy was waiting to walk off the blasted plane and you guys getting to the airport with such a treat in store. What fun! Have a great time together!

  5. So I’m sitting here in my makeup ready to walk out the door for the musical and I decided to watch this real quick before leaving. I’m going to have to reapply my makeup because I just blubbered all over myself. A little boy running into his daddy’s arms touches a little spot inside my heart. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  6. apparently i am either to only dude to read, or the only dude brave enough to admit that i teared up watching it too. really cool to see from both sides!!

    i hope you guys are having the best time!

    1. HA HA HA HA HA! You aren’t the only dude to read…you are the only one to comment though AND to admit you teared up..he he he he he…glad you guys are back home safely and had an AWESOME time.

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