I talked to Jeremy a few hours ago and basically, he will be here on Thursday! I am SO excited! We made it in under the deadline so he will be here for Christmas day; however we take him to the airport the day after. 😦 SAD! But I’m trying not to think about that day just yet.

I’m super excited and so is Cooper; I had to tell him to go to bed 5 times tonight and finally threatened him a scooch tougher at 10:30 pm when he got up AGAIN. I probably shouldn’t have told him that Daddy would be here soon right before bed time…but, you know…there’s always naps!

I feel like I have so much to do but really, I know Jeremy won’t care about the state of the house or the laundry or really anything else. All he’ll care about is that he is home with us.  I got the video camera and the regular camera all cleared off tonight. After looking through everything I’ve taken video and photo-wise since Jeremy has been gone, I’m here to tell you that I could do a whole blog post about how hard it is to take pictures when you are solo and in charge of 2 young kiddos. Check the flickr site for some fun stuff by the way!

More stuff is sure to follow!


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