Jeremy and I have long awaited the day that Cooper would be old enough to enjoy books like the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. We thought that perhaps this summer he’d be ready, but then we renigged the idea thinking that he wouldn’t be able to maintain focus.  Well, since coming to St. Louis I have been proven quite wrong! My Mom has a bunch of books out for him that were mine and my sister’s when we were kids. (On a side note, it is SO FUN to see my sister’s snotty notes to me all over the books. I believe one books says “This book belongs to ‘my sister’ DO NOT PUT PENCILS IN THIS BOOK, it breaks the binding”. He he he he he he)

One such book in the box of treasures caught Cooper’s eye, but it is a big chapter book. It’s the sequel to the Wizard of Oz and is called The Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum. It has a few illustrations, maybe one per chapter, but otherwise, it is most certainly a wordy book.  It has 280 pages! I didn’t think he’d be interested, but I started it thinking that we could at least see how long his attention span would last on a book like that. Well, I am proud to say that we are on page 185 and have read roughly 2-3 chapters every night since we got here. Cooper is LOVING the book and I can’t believe how well he listens. I’m not sure if he is quite catching everything (the language is pretty formal and the jokes are WAY over his head), so he isn’t exactly ready for a quiz on the book. However, he asks to read it every night and listens intently each time!

I am having a lot of fun with it and am so surprised he’s interested in this book. I think that when we get home we will most certainly be starting the Chronicles of Narnia.

Additionally to my surprise would be my son’s new found (or maybe always present and unrealized) skills at the Wii. Cooper totally SMOKED me tonight at tennis and I am amazed! I mean, I’m not that good…but he IS pretty good! He was even trash talking me as we kept going round after round. (I do still own him at Mario Cart…which I realize isn’t really bragging considering he is 4….)

Tomorrow we are off to see the Dinosaurs at the St. Louis Science Center! I still haven’t taken pictures, but I DID break out the video camera today just in time to record my BIL’s hand trauma as he bare-hand grabbed the skillet which had just been in the oven at 400 degrees for the past half hour. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if someone in the Nevil household wasn’t hurt. 😀


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