Our trip here in the Lou is going so great! We are having good times all arounnd and enjoying a break from real life. Coop has caught a cold…of course. Can I ever travel without my baby getting sick? I just pray I don’t get it…I am kinda done with being sick after all the fun we had with it in October.

The weather here has been so nice-it is so great to see sunshine! We had a fun open house at my mom’s house this past weekend. Thank you SO much to everyone who came. What happy times! There is so much fun left to be had too.  Cooper gets to go to a Blues game with his Uncle and his Gpa tonight and we are going to the St. Louis Science Center to check out their dinosaur exhibit on Friday. Not to mention all the family and friends we have had the chance to spend time with. I am very grateful for my friends and my family. I feel so encouraged and uplifted and relaxed. It’s the BEST!

I have been terrible about taking pictures, but I will try to get better AND designate someone else as photographer for the times I just can’t get to it.

Oh and we’ve had a chance to talk to Jer recently. He says hold all mail! Unless, that is, you want him to get it/have it when he gets back from R and R. Not too much longer! Happy cluck, cluck everyone.

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