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My Men Last Christmas

I have Christmas on the brain. Thanksgiving just gets the short end of the stick this year. I’m WAY too excited about Jeremy coming in to town not to think of Christmas. But thinking of Christmas makes me think of presents…

I don’t consider myself the best gift-giver. Every once in a while I get it right, but it usually takes me about 7-8 wrongs before I’m there. Gift giving is so important to me though. I always want to do better than I often end up doing. (Hmm….I’m sensing a trend here…)

Part of the problem is that it is really, REALLY tough to shop for guys. Dude. Seriously. When shopping for a female, there just seem to be SO many more options. I mean even if you totally bomb there are still fall back options like Bath and Body Works for example. What woman doesn’t like SOMETHING from that place? But with guys, it’s never as fun. In fact, it’s really like torture to me. I know of no such place that is as good of a fall back option for guys. (And ok, Best Buy doesn’t count because you need to read my next point…please continue.)

Here is what I mean: I have a budget to stick to. I can’t spend more than between $30 and $50 on one person (and sometimes not even that much). That’s just the reality of where life has us these days! And guys always like expensive things. Electronics are expensive! Frankly, there isn’t a lot of gift options out there that fit my budget and make the A-A+ grade for guy gifts. To me a gift card is so cold. I relish the response of a much appreciated or well liked gift. I would really prefer not to do gift cards.

Incidentally, at my house growing up, we did Christmas like this: my Dad played Santa. He went around the tree and picked up the presents and brought them to you so that you had a stack o’ presents. Then, when all the gift boxes were handed out, we started around the circle and everyone opened one gift one at a time while everyone else watched and commented etc. Gift cards makes the morning  and this kind of experience so much less fun.

So, men who read this blog, I need some input here. I’ll start off a list so that it will get your brain cranks rolling. If I have something on the list that stinks, do tell me. The men in my life will thank you for it. (For those of you ladies who read this and who ROCK the manly gift-giving or have some sort of other worldly perspective, do share.)

Manly List of Gift Ideas:

  • wine (I DO live in Washington)
  • movie tickets
  • shop vac?
  • movies/dvds
  • books
  • clothing/shoes

Help me finish the list guys!


5 thoughts on “Man=Hard to Shop for…

  1. I know what you mean about a gift card, but for that hard-to-shop for person, I think they’re perfect. I know Travis loves to get giftcards because then obviously he gets what he wants or needs instead of what someone else likes. Restaurant giftcards are always fun too. I think a magazine subscription is a great idea too…

  2. sports is the way to my heart! over the last few years, alisha has gotten me some real sweet sports gifts that were decently cheap…
    -tickets to a marquette game (cheap, but you have to travel. free boarding with my mom, but then have to stay with my mom).
    -espn the magazine subscription
    -vintage sports illustrated magazines with packers and marquette cover photos… haven’t framed them yet, but i love them and will get to it some day.

  3. –I do new essentials that he probably wouldn’t buy himself, or even ask for but he loves when I get him new: T-shirts, boxers, socks.
    —Magazine subscriptions go over big here. A gift every month!
    —Pocket knife
    —Coffee travel mug
    —Favorite Candy
    —Accessories for electronics he already has. (For example I could spring for the earpods to go with his iphone that have the in-cord speaker/answer feature. Or gaming accessories would work too)
    —New belt
    —I got us a custom wax seal made with a family crest for our wedding. Maybe this is goofy… (about $50)
    —A family scrapbook.

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