Last night was a late night for the kiddos. We had an FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting, so they didn’t get to bed till  quite a bit after their usual bed times. About an hour after Chase had gone down, he was crying pretty hard. I went in to check on him and he was sitting up! While he has been sitting up quite confidently for a while now, he hasn’t been able to put HIMSELF into that position. This morning when I went into his room to get him, he was showing off his new trick again. I think he’s pretty excited about it!

November 2009 044
Huggy Brothers

Also in firsts, it dawned on me yesterday after talking to some other mommies that I should really start introducing some different textures and soft finger foods to Chase. So, I tried scrambled eggs out on him. No dice.  He spit them out and made a funny face. In retrospect, it would have been fun to have that face here….so here’s the next best thing since I didn’t capture the moment.


November 2009 040
Ewwwww Mom!

Now I need to start thinking about giving him avocados and mashed potatoes and what else is soft? If you have good ideas post a comment for me would ya? My brain is feeling scrambled these days and ideas don’t come as readily!

I leave soon for STL and I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off! At least, that’s how I feel. I need to calm down…my BF said that my to do list stresses her out…he he he he. I bet if I went through my blog and read my posts right before I went on a trip, they would all sound exactly like this.

I am trying to be calm and have some fun with the kiddos as well as get my “stuff” done. But I’ve got myself into a bad habit. I’m tired in the mornings (really tired-and I’m no morning person to begin with) so I kinda drag myself and the kiddos out to whatever the day harkens us. Then we rush home for lunch, rush into naps and then I finally have some energy. I use that energy to make phone calls and go through that viscious to-do list, and then it’s dinner time. The hours of 5-7 are C-R-A-Z-Y in my house so I rush through that and then, by the time I get Coop in bed, I’m ready for a breather for me. I breathe, and then I get to doing something. Which means I keep doing that something and get to bed WAY too late…and thus start the cycle again for the next day.

This is no good! My goal is to be out of the CRAZY CYCLE by the weekend. I know I can do it!

In other news, I love, love, love, LOVE my Wednesday night Bible study group. My “LMNOP”. It is the best EVER. I leave encouraged and strengthened weekly and I simply don’t know what I would do without it. Last week, our friend John made an interesting comment. We were talking about spiritual break through moments that we’ve always remembered; moments where you realized something new about God or saw Him in a new way. John mentioned the time he realized as he was reading through Job that God was the one who suggested His servant Job to Satan. I know this may sound funny-but I always thought that it was Satan who had asked about Job. I was so intrigued by this that I went back through and started reading Job. WOW! I am just reminded that the Word of God is living and active. It has been a wonderful book of the Bible to rediscover!

That’s about it in the Nevil household these days. Jeremy is doing well. He managed to get away unscathed on his 31st birthday and I think he feels like that was a good accomplishment. (Army guys are viscous when they find out it is your birthday! Pink bellies all around….)


2 thoughts on “A Busy Chick’s Update

  1. We do a lot of chunks of steamed veggies around here. Sweet potatoes, Butternut squash, spinach (creamed), carrots, even broccolli can get super soft. If I’m feeling lazy I even shred certain fruits and veggies with my cheese shredder, and he can eat it that way. My Pediatrician told me not to do eggs until after one year. Not sure why. So maybe he’ll like those after he hits one year. We get those whole grain bagels at Bread Company bread sliced. He loves to gnaw on those. We do yogurt every morning, bananas…of course cheerios…
    I use web sites like

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