Poor Mr. Chase is still sick with Croup. He’s had a fever off and on. Today is day 3 though, so we are hoping for improvement. Unfortunately, now Cooper and I are sick too. Fun times….

But in light of the last post being all about Chase, I thought I should put some funny things up here about Cooper. So here are some funny Cooper stories.

October 2009 005The Sock Tosser:
Cooper, for whatever reason, must take his socks off in a certain fashion. He sits down, pulls off his shoes, pulls of his socks, whirls them around his head and throws both of them in random directions and then he runs off.

This is fine when we are at home because he takes his shoes off in the same place. At home, his socks can be found either in the entry way (somewhere) or upstairs in his bedroom. No problem, I can handle that.

What I can’t handle is that we go places-other peoples houses, etc. And whenever he takes his shoes off, he IMMEDIATELY takes his socks off too. (He has some weird foot thing about wearing socks.) I cannot tell you how many times we have left to go somewhere either with no socks at all or only one sock because the Lord only knows where the other one could be.

To remedy this problem, Jeremy and I started telling him many moons ago that when he takes his shoes and socks off, he MUST stuff his socks into his shoes. It’s not helping. This is my face 😐 . This could be one of my biggest pet peeves.

Cooper and His Upset Tummy:
October 2009 020-12When you have little kids, I think that poop is just a regular part of your day. I believe I’ve mentioned before that Cooper loves to talk about poop and booties. Anything that is in reference to poop and or booties is immediately and always funny to him. Jeremy assures me this is a boy thing…but I dunno. I had a sister growing up and poop was not a regular part of our conversations if I do recall…

So, a while back one morning Cooper told me his tummy hurt. He is pretty regular and has a “morning constitution” each day after he’s been awake for a few minutes. He hadn’t had said event yet, so I told him that maybe he should try. He went in to the bathroom but got nothing. He came out of the bathroom pretty disappointed, but cartoons were on so he was passed it.

A little later that morning, say an hour or so, he again tells me his tummy “weawy, weawy, huwts”. I again remind him that maybe he should give it another go in the bathroom. He goes in and proceeds to work on said issue and I go about my usual gig fixing my hair and getting ready for the day.

Quite a bit of time goes by and Cooper is still in the bathroom.  I walk over to the door and I hear him grunting and saying “OH YEAH, THERE IT IS, THERE IT IS, THAT’S IT!”

Needless to say I couldn’t stop laughing and Cooper’s tummy was all better.

Noise Police:
October 2009 092Tonight, I put Cooper to bed as usual, then came downstairs to pay some bills and get some paperwork organized.  The house was totally quiet; no tv on and both boys were in bed.   I was shuffling through some papers when Jer popped on Yahoo Messenger. (That is SO fun by the way, being able to say that!) We chatted for a few minutes and then, all the sudden I hear Cooper up. He is at the top of the staircase talking down to me.

“Mommy, um, could you please be a little more quiet?”

An annoyed and dirty look immediately comes across my face and I respond, “Um, Cooper, there is no sound at all down here and what are you doing out of bed?”

Cooper replies, “you were just being a little loud with the papers. Can you be quiet please?”

“Go to bed Cooper.”

Whispery Prayers:
October 2009 040Jeremy and I have been praying with Cooper at night before bed since he was a little tiny guy. It has always been a bit tough to get him to pray for things. It’s a great teaching time, but it gets a little annoying when Cooper prays for things like his lamp, the airplanes on his wall, etc.

Well, all the sudden, Cooper’s prayer life has really opened up. I think a lot of it is actually school. He LOVES to pray and prays the BEST prayers. They are so cute and they make me laugh (and cry sometimes) ever night. Whenever he is saying something special or serious as he prays, he starts to whisper.

One night recently he was going on and on about all the things he was thankful for and how great it is that God made everything. Then the whispering starts and he says, “…and thank you God that you made me and God, you are just BEAUTIFUL”. It was so delightful to hear him pray like that! He wasn’t being silly either, it was a serious prayer. It made me laugh and I just immediately thought of what God must think of little children who pray like that! How sweet!


7 thoughts on “Funny Cooper Stories

  1. I totally have a sock flinger, too!! It drives me crazy. I try to get Jackson to keep his socks on the steps by the garage door (where he puts on his shoes) but, no. He must fling them across the room.

    Sorry to hear about your barking little one. Sick babies are just the saddest, sweetest little things. I hear you’re not feeling great now either. I’ll be praying for you guys to all be back to 100% soon. When I think of matt’s year away, caring for sick children comes to mind. I think those will be some of the most challenging times. Hang in there!

    Oh, and I saw your dates for your St. Louis trip. I will be there some of that time. I’m sure you’ll be busy catching up with folks, but I would LOVE to get together if we can. I’d love to meet Chase and Cooper (after reading so much about them) and chat face to face. Maybe we could meet somewhere where the kids could play and we could chat. Well, I’ll be in touch about that.

    1. Hey Carrie! Yes, the sick bug has hit all of us. Chase is the worst out of all of us. Coop and I seem to have just a yucky cough. It’s really not too bad being sick with Jer gone. If he was home, I’d still be the one getting up with the kiddos in the night and he’d still be going to work as usual! All I would get is maybe some sympathy and help with bed times and bath! HA! (Not that those things wouldn’t be nice!)

      I would LOVE to meet up one day while I am in town! In fact, the day time is always really open whenever I come in town. Everyone always wants to play in the evenings. YAY! What fun! Can’t wait to hook up and play together.

  2. i heart all of these stories!!

    your kids are going to love being able to go back and read these stories when they get older. they will know how much you love them!

    darn blogs… where were you when i was a kid!

  3. Jasper prays for Cooper every night. It’s been the same since you guys came over. “Dear Jesus, thank for Cooper come over. Amen”

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