This morning it was pouring down rain outside. I think each drop of rain must have weighed 10 lbs. We’re talking fatty rain here-not just the misty stuff we are usually used to in WA.

It is still dark here in the mornings and I was laying in bed half awake around 7:30 am this morning. I heard barking. I thought, “whose dog is barking like that this early in the morning?” and then I just continued to sit in bed trying to wake up. I heard it again and then I thought I heard Chase, so then I thought, “great, the neighbor’s dog is waking the baby up!” and then it all clicked when I heard it again.

The barking…was Chase.

Cooper has had croup before so I know what it sounds like. I felt terrible for the poor baby and immediately popped awake and rushed into him. He had this look in his eyes like, “um, Mom, why do I sound like this?”. Once he was up and about for the morning, he didn’t really cough that much. So, I thought, well, I’ll give him until after his morning nap and we’ll see if it is just a bad cough or if it really is croup. Chase went down for his morning nap at 8:23 am and he didn’t wake up until almost 1:00 pm! Yeah…he’s so sick.

He did eat though and has been nursing well. But the sad part is that he is whimpering. Whenever he is just sitting, he whimpers the whole time and it is so pathetic and adorable! It’s melting my heart and I’m sure he does not appreciate that I am laughing at him.

Sweet baby Chase on a healthier day
Sweet baby Chase on a healthier day

I went out to Target tonight for supplies: new humidifier (the old one has been questionable for a while and now that we have 2 kiddos I figured I might as well buy a new one-an elephant too!), filter, thingie to condition the water and keep the filter free of bacteria and $60.00 later we were on our way home.

Chase took a shorter nap this afternoon (only 2 hours or so), ate fine and whimpered through the evening. Finally at 6:15 pm, we went upstairs and I ran a warm bath for him. I rubbed him down with some baby vicks (with lavender!), propped his crib up with a book (because I’ve heard that helps) and cranked the humidifier. And since we live in the glorious state of WA and it has been raining for 4 days straight, I cracked his windows just a tad too. I figure a little cool and moist air will just help even more.

he is so cute!
he is so cute!

Thus far tonight, I think around 9 pm, I had to get him up, bundle him in a blanket and take him outside. He was whimpering in his crib and coughing. Poor baby! He was such a cuddle bug the whole time as he wheezed. 😦 I know guys, is this breaking your hearts like it is breaking mine? There are few things in the world worse than sick kids.

I decided tonight that if I could spare my children from all illnesses by taking them on myself and if I knew they would still be ok as a result, then I would totally do it! Those thoughts remind me of the love Christ has for me.

Well, it is late and I hear Chase starting to stir. It may be time to fetch him and try the steamy shower this time. Pray for my little man! That his sweet and tiny body heals quickly! (And that I sleep too in between treatments.) Oh and that Cooper doesn’t get it too.


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