(This first sentence is more fun to say in a whispery voice…) It’s 10:12 pm right now and the house is really, REALLY, quiet. But, that is totally ok with me. This week is going to be nuts! I have no time for things outside the norm. In fact, I think I don’t even have time for things inside the norm. Hence, this late night blog post! (Ok, you can stop with the whispery voice now.)

Tomorrow morning Cooper has school and it is class field-trip day. We are going to the Pumpkin Patch. I say “we” because I’m a parent helper! This is my first time! It’s the Maiden Voyage of the Parent/School relationship! I’m a virgin parent helper. I feel so grown up. WOW!

In light of where we are going however, I am very disappointed that I never went to Marshall’s this weekend to buy the brown, rubber, dragonfly boots that were incredibly cute and only $16.00. You know what I am talking about right? Those boots that are a requirement for all people who live in Washington state? (Seriously! They are so incredibly multi-purpose; they are good for the beach AND all the other muddy places we go out here like the Tulip Festival.)


Imagine boots like that but a pretty chocolate brown with little grey, yellow and green pencil drawn dragonflies about the size of the polka dots. So cute!

Anyway, tomorrow should be fun and then the week just whirls by after that. It’s nice though because my friend Krista is thinking of being super spontaneous and coming to visit at the end of this month. What I mean is-the time is flying now! There is so much happening between now and the end of the year. I may just wake up and BAM! Jeremy will be here! YAY!

I have many new snacks and meals I need to add to She Cooks so be watching for that to happen. Oh! And I finally updated the Flickr site a bit. Hey, just for laughs, check this out. Talk about maiden voyages! You will laugh until you cry!


3 thoughts on “Maiden Voyages

  1. i probably would have worn those boots last week with all the rain stl got!!
    btw… sorry i kept you up so late… the post is finally up, and i am going to bed!!

    1. I know! They WERE right there! I just have to think about purchases. If I bought everything I liked when I liked it we’d be out on the streets! I have to think about it. And even though I wish I would have bought them, now that this event has passed I’m ok with it. 😀

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