My friend Kelli over at Minivans Are Hot posted this post about her and her three childrens’ morning routine.  It cracked me up -especially the part about the clapping. I’ve started clapping lately too because I’ve noticed that it works when I clap my hands. Somehow it sparks urgency in my child…and frankly, that’s the whole point!

Kelli asked us to chat about our mornings too, so I thought I’d throw my daily grind into the mix. I’m picking a school day (but really, this is only Mondays or Fridays because Wednesdays are even MORE crazy). I try not to do anything on days that don’t involve school.

I’m SUPPOSED to wake up at 6:30 am. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I’ve recently rewarded myself for waking up earlier by setting the coffee pot to go off at 6:20 am so that it is ready when my alarm goes off. This has actually worked!  I run and grab a quick shower while my little angels sleep for a couple more minutes.

Then, as soon as I turn off the water in the shower, I hear Chase crying. Thus my morning begins. It’s a race over the next hour and fifteen minutes to nurse Chase, then feed him cereal -oh and the big one needs food too (though, his request for pancakes with sprinkles is not happening unless I make them the night before and freeze them….).

Hopefully, I’ve made it out the door by 8:15 am so that I am not in a frantic hurry all the way down I-5 to Coop’s school. I drop him off, give kisses and hugs, chat with Crystal and the other mommies, then head back down I-5 to home sweet home. Chase goes straight up to bed for a nap and I have about an hour and a half to make beds, clean up the house, work out, pay bills or whatever I can imagine or requires my focused attention while no one else needs me. (Which is good because besides the evening when the kids go to bed, that’s about the only time I have like that!)

By 10:30 am, it’s time to get the baby up and dressed, feed him again and then out the door by 11:10 am. Once we are back home it’s lunch and naps! Before I know it, it is 4:00 pm. I’ve visited with neighbors, chatted on the phone, caught up with emails (and maybe some blogs) and maybe even made it to the post office or something like that. I start dinner and the evening is in full swing pretty quick.

So, that’s what the day looks like for me and the boys. It actually isn’t too bad, so Kel, you’ve got a harder gig than me I think. I only have 1 child to get off and out in the day. The baby is the easy one! (at least, he is for now!) I’m so glad that Jeremy will be home by the time Chase starts to be a little more of a challenge.

So, I ask you too-what does your morning routine look like?


One thought on “Mornings in the Nevil Household

  1. I dunno – you’ve got a lot on your plate doing that all alone. While Lee isn’t a huge help in the mornings since he’s getting ready himself, at least he’s there for moral support. You’re super mom babe!

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