(I can’t think of anything cute to call this post. My brain is like fried mush….hence the parenthetical statement at the beginning of my update…not good…not good….)


I always go back and forth in my head with the “voice” I use in this blog. Most of the time I think I write in stories rather than in coversations. I try to have a topic so I don’t veer too far off into la-la land (as I often do when just talking). But then again…this is starting out like a conversation isn’t it?

Anyway, it is too hard for me to come up with stories and subjects lately.  I don’t have the creative energy for it! Actually, I think of really great stuff in the shower and then by the time I’m out and able to get to the computer I have munchkins all around and the idea is pushed through my brain and out my ears and falls onto the floor. Maybe that is why my house is so messy…my brains keep falling out.

So instead of writing, I’ve just thrown myself into being busy doing other stuff. I had so much going on last week that my happy post about Jeremy coming home for Christmas was about all I could muster. Incidentally, I’ve had Jingle Bells in my head all week.

Now that this is a new week, my poor little neglected blog is bugging me! So here I sit and type. I’m tired. I’d like to take a nap. But I guarantee that as soon as I lay down, the phone will ring or the baby will wake up! HA! It’s ok though…I need to be tired so I won’t go to bed at midnight. It’s good motivation.

In regards to Jeremy, Sundays just must be our day! I talked to him all day yesterday off and on in 10-minute increments. We have been emailing each other too and it has been so refreshing. I’ve had all sorts of stuff wearing heavily on my shoulders and I haven’t felt like I could tell him about them. The time on the phone was never enough for me to explain myself and I didn’t want us to get cut off. I’ve been too tired to hand write it all out too. So instead, I’ve just been wrestling with God and praying for peace.

That peace did come yesterday as we finally got to really talk and connect. We finally got out of the “emergency communication mode” I think I made mention of in one of my email updates. That’s no fun to be with your spouse and stuck at that level of communication. There’s no connection there! I’m sure many of you prayed for me and for him. Thank you! Your prayers and mine were answered! After some good connecting time with him over the phone and via email, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It was so good.

Right now I am amazed that it is October! The little bit of time we have between now and Christmas feels like it is going to simply fly by! I have a field trip to attend as a parent helper for Cooper’s class (pumpkin patch + 4-year olds= fun times!), we have some birthday parties to attend (Happy Birthday to Raegan and Renovo!), I need to find a babysitter for my next FRG meeting (anybody, anybody?) and Halloween is coming up. Then there is the Tacoma Holiday Food and Gift Show that Crystal and I attend every year! (YAY!) And then November is in full swing. I am planning a trip to St. Louis around Thanksgiving -and since I’ll be out of town, I have to schedule some work to be done on the house while I’m gone. The bath tub needs to be refinished -again- and the ceiling needs to be repaired in a couple spots. Not to mention Jeremy’s birthday is coming up and then BAM! It’s December! WOOOO!

In my head, December is in like, one week. Doesn’t that last paragraph make you tired? There’s more stuff going on then is listed in that paragraph too…so that makes me even more tired. Not too long ago I joked on my Facebook Status that the Army should standard issue a Personal Assistant to each spouse when their spouse is deployed. I’m not kidding! I keep thinking I need to hire someone to either watch the kids while I do stuff around the house or I need to just take one of you up on all your generous offers to watch my kiddos for me!

Ok, I can feel my blood pressure rising as I think about everything I just typed. Deep breaths…in and out…wooooooo…in and out…woooooo…I’m breathing here.

In other news, Chase is so stinking cute lately! He is saying “Momma”, “Bubba” and I think he said “up” today. Of course, it’s majorly baby babble….I think “Momma” is the only thing anyone else could pick up on. He’s so close to crawling. I’m soaking up every minute of his slow mobility (because even though he isn’t crawling he is pretty mobile in other ways!). He is old enough now to sit in a high chair when we are out somewhere and that is just so cute to me! He is also able to pick up those little puffs too. Tell me what is cuter than watching chubby baby fingers attempt to pick up a tiny piece of cereal and transfer it to their mouth?

Cooper is wonderful and excelling in school. He’s full of energy and stories and is just a joy to have around (most of the time). He misses Jeremy, but I’ve told him that Daddy is coming for a VISIT in December. I am so concerned about how Cooper will handle Jeremy going back to Afghanistan after his R&R. I have had lots of talks with him about it, but I know it’ll be hard for him. I’m already planning to take Jeremy to the airport alone because I don’t want the kids screaming for their Daddy and making this terrible public scene in the airport. Plus, maybe I want to cry too all the way home!

I’ll have some pictures soon, but for now I’m seriously too tired and lazy to upload them. I still haven’t uploaded the pictures from Amy and Nick’s visit to flickr yet! AH! I will…I’ll put that on my to do list.

Hope you all are well. Seriously, thank you so much for your prayers. They carry me in times like this when I am tired and heavy laden! (I have GOT to stop putting that old yoke on myself…)

Much love to you all!


One thought on “An October Update

  1. You make me laugh. Brains falling out all over the place. Maybe that’s why my house gets so dirty immediately after I clean it:) I can’t wait for the Food and Gift festival!!!!:)

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