Webcamming with Jeremy
Webcamming with Jeremy

At the beginning of the month, Jeremy and a couple of his guys (well…maybe it was more than a couple…I forget) went to KAF for something. Since they were at the big base, Jeremy got to use the webcam!

Leave it to Cooper to ingeniously take a picture of the computer screen and Jeremy’s smiling face for all to see! Sometimes, it’s just nice to see him and know he is ok (although he has lost quite a bit of weight!). So here are a couple more pictures.

webcamming with Daddy
webcamming with Daddy

The last time I talked with him was this past Tuesday. He seems like he is doing good. He’s gotten some more boxes (thanks EFREE Peeps!!) and was greatly encouraged by that show of love!

There really isn’t anything to report other than they are still waiting on a part to get the phones/internet up and running for all the guys to utilize in the MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) tent. Until then, it’s just quickie phone calls. Please pray that the stink’in part arrives soon and we can have some improved communications!

Everything is as good as it can be here at home!


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