Today, the kids had an appointment with Parents as Teachers. I really enjoy the program and I learned a fun new trick today (I’ll get to that later though). Both my boys are growing up so fast that as I sit back and reflect on how the day went, I am so amazed at how fast things change.

Holding a little crab on Sunnyside Beach in Steilacoom
Holding a little crab on Sunnyside Beach in Steilacoom

My big boy Mr. Cooper is going to school! I can’t believe it. Wasn’t he just born?  Right now he thinks that all things concerning bottoms are hilarious. Poop and booties are his favorite topics. He requests to see Chase’s poop when I change a diaper. In fact, he will drop everything he is doing to run to where I am so that he can see his baby brother’s poop.  He is forbidden from saying “butt” solely because if I let him that would be his favorite word and I’m embarrassed by his use of it. As it stands, his favorite word is “tooshie”. It is pretty hilarious to hear him call me “tooshie-bootie”. He says this with all affection I should add. It’s like instead of hearing my husband say “hey babe!” I hear my 4-year old say, “You tooshie-bootie”.  At least they both tell me I’m pretty….

Chase is going to be 8 months old next week. I hate that Jeremy is missing so much of his life right now. I know that the two of them would have so much fun together. Chase is such a happy baby and sooooo ticklish! I know Jeremy would revel in coming home from a big, tough day doing Army guy stuff with guns and tobacco-spitting guys to play and tickle a chubby, drooly, giggly baby.

Cold frozen yogurt feels oh so good on sore gums!
Cold frozen yogurt feels oh so good on sore gums!

Chase has two teeth on the bottom row that have been giving him (and me) fits as they have tried to push their way through. I swear that the week those teeth were working their way up I must have gotten 3 more gray hairs. I do believe I called someone in tears…..hmmm….

He is doing better now that they have broken through and he is now on his way to some other new things.

I always sign “all done” as I say “all done” to him when I am feeding him. I just noticed that he is starting to push my hand away when he is full and flap his arms a little. I remember fondly how Cooper used to flap his arms with limp wrists, (he looked like he was doing his best impression of a bird and my mom always laughed and told him he was going to fly away one day) which was his version of the sign for all done. It’s still cute to see little babies do this! I don’t know that this part gets old!

Additionally, Chase sits up very well and has started lunging forward. It is so interesting to see the differences in my kids in the way they progress. Chase is maybe on the cusp of crawling! Today, my PAT gal showed me a fun trick that will encourage Chase’s crawling attempts. (I know…should I really encourage this?) She told me to put my hands against his feet while he is laying on his tummy. Then put a toy just out of his reach and encourage him to get it. I did it and sure enough, he pushed off my hands and almost tucked those knees under. But then, after that, he would be in a sitting up position and he would go to that almost crawling position and he started rocking back and forth! AH! It was really cute. And he kept trying all afternoon right up to his bedtime. I am so impressed with the determination this little man exhibits.

Cooper and Chase continue to get along in such sweet ways. Cooper is so affectionate and loving to his baby brother. It just melts my heart to see them together. I often times will put Chase in Cooper’s bedroom while I am doing something upstairs and I just love how Cooper brings toys out to give to his brother. They sit in there together for a good while; Cooper plays, Chase watches and drools all over whatever toy his brother has given him.

Enjoying an Indian Summer at the beach
Enjoying an Indian Summer at the beach

Chase is also saying “Momma” though, I think it might still just be babbling. You’ll hear it mostly when he is mad! Speaking of which, one of the worst parts of Jeremy being gone is the “Mommy-i-tus” that Chase has caught. I’m my own worst enemy in this sickness that he has. But have you HEARD him scream? WHEW! He’s quite the Momma’s boy. I assumed that would happen and all I can say is I’ll work with him!

Cute and looking so big!
Cute and looking so big!

Those are my latest moments with the boys. It’s been a fun couple of weeks and I’m glad September is almost over. We’ve made it 3 months. Only 9 left. Fall is coming and in many ways is already here. In some ways I’m happy about that, but in others it just reminds me that I’m not going to have Jeremy around for all the fun and favorite things. I hate doing this stuff alone. I know Jeremy loves the fall as much as I do and it just makes me miss him all the more. I’m trying to remind myself that this is the first and last time we have to go it alone.


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