This is just a small taste of what happens every time we get in the car or go somewhere. Every time. Every day. Always….

Nick: “Porcupines can shoot their quills through glass.”

Cooper: “No they can’t.”

Nick: “YES! THEY CAN!”

Cooper: “MOM! Can powcupines shoot der qwills twu gwass?”

Tiffany: “No honey, they can’t”

Cooper: “See Nick, I TOLD YOU!”


Nick: “Hey, Mrs. Nevil! There’s a SPIDER IN THERE!”

Tiffany: “Oh yeah, I won’t go in there then.”

Nick: “It’s ok, I squished it and blood came out and I threw it in the toilet and then I peed on it!”

Tiffany: “Awesome buddy!”

Nick: after exiting and running over to Amy… “HEY MOM! There was a spider in the toilet and I splashed it with my tinkles!”

Amy: …”much laughter”


After Nick’s 5th consecutive day on post here at Ft. Lewis he said:


to some soldiers at Ikea: “I like your Army clothes”

upon seeing one of the many soldiers in the commissary: “Hey! Army guys!”


Nick: “Are we in St. Louis?”

Cooper: “NO!” (snotty tone)

Nick: “Yes, we are in St. Louis!”

Cooper: “No, we’re not, we’re in Washington”

Nick: “No, WE ARE IN ST. LOU-IS”

Cooper: “MOM! Are we in St. Louis?”

Tiffany: “No, we’re in Washington.”



Nick: “Are we on the highway?”

Tiffany: “Yes”

Nick: “Why?”

Tiffany: “Because this is the way to get to….” insert whatever place we are going that day.

Cooper: “You’re going the wrong way Mommy.”

Amy: “Mrs. Nevil took a very difficult test and now has a piece of paper to prove that she is highly capable of driving this vehicle. Neither of you have your drivers licenses, so until you do, stop talking.”


Nick: “I’m gonna draw a triangle.”

Cooper: “No you’re not!”

Tiffany and Amy in unison: “BOYS!”


while playing, Nick accidentally bumps into Cooper.

Cooper: “OW! You say you’re sorry right NOW!”

Nick: “Sorry”

Cooper smacks Nick

Nick cries….

Nick: “Cooper hit me!”

Tiffany-while nursing Chase : “Cooper, did you just hit Nick?”

Cooper: “Yes…”

(um…discipline followed)


Nick did something obscure…

Amy: “Nick, did you just”….<whatever it was>

Nick: “Um….maybe”


Nick: “Your dirty baby just got slobber on my pants!”

Cooper: “No he didn’t!”

Nick: “Yes he did, he just touched me with his slobbery drool!”


Nick, to me (Tiffany) every time Chase cries, “Um, you’re baby’s crying”.


Chase sneezed in the back seat…


Cooper: “No he didn’t, he just sneezed.”

Tiffany: “Nick, honey, he’s just a baby,  he doesn’t know any better honey.”


Cooper: “He’s not a dirl! He’s a boy!”


Cooper to Nick: “Let’s tolor when we det home.”

Nick: “What’s tolor?”

Tiffany: “He means color Nick, he has a hard time saying “c’s””

Nick to Cooper: “It’s K-K-K-K- COLOR!”


Tiffany to Amy in reference to the kid’s behavior: “Are you ok? I’m sorry.”

Amy: “Yeah, I’m fine, I just wish you had a live-in nanny so that we could go out and watch a movie and have some fun! Next time I’m coming alone!”



Amy and I are pretty sure that Nick and Cooper are just acting like brothers. It’s a love-hate thing. In the next 20 years, we’ll be opening the Nevil Svolopoulos Ministries, specializing in conflict management. 😀 Or so we tell ourselves.


6 thoughts on “Sound Snippets of Our Day

  1. I’m telling you…you’ve got an amazing memory to recount all these classic interactions.

    It’s nice that just when I start to think that my 5 year old boy is uncommonly rambunctious, untactful and exhausting, I am reminded that, fact, every 5 year old boy is this way.

    Maybe one day you’ll have a girl. They are SO different! Of course, if you don’t, you’ll have a blast raising your boys. Never a dull moment!

    1. Carrie, we started writing them all down because they were cracking us up so much! We actually have a few more we might add to the list before Amy and Nick leave to go home to STL. It is SO NICE to hear that someone else has these “boy” moments. I tell ya what…words come out of my mouth that I NEVER thought would come out. Things like “DO NOT touch that monkey!” ha ha ha ha!

  2. Hahahaha, these are hilarious! I love the one about you taking a really hard test to drive:) Also gotta love the comments about the baby:)

  3. I tell you, it’s that first born boy thing. Sloan and Nick do the same thing to each other. They’re both such strong personalities that they pick at each other, yet they love being together. Too funny.

    Awe, I wish I could have been with you guys. I miss our talks together. When ARE you coming to St. Louis? Love ya!

    1. Actually, I’m thinking sometime in November. The length of my stay depends on how things pan out with Jeremy’s R&R though. We’ll most likely be taking that time alone here in WA. So I’ll either stay for a little while in STL and come back to meet up with Jer (then come back to STL for a longer stay later), or I’ll stay for a long time and come home much later. Either way, I miss you too! The three of us would have had a blast together. And yes…that first born boy thing-WHEW! I told Amy I really feel for Chase! HA!

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