I am thirty years old. UGH! And now that Cooper is in school…NOW I feel like a grown up. This is the first semi-full week of school and my head is spinning! I am so crazy busy! Who would’ve thought that 9 hours of school per week for my son would keep me hopping like this?

I have made a commitment to myself; one that goes with one of my deployment goals. I am working out every M, W, and F when Coop is in school. So, the day looks like this for me:

-up at 6 or 6:30 am, shower, get dressed
-7 am, feed the baby and then feed the baby some more
-7:30 am get Cooper up and dressed and give him breakfast, then finish my hair/make up while he eats/watches cartoons
-8:15 am, out the door to school
-8:40 am, drop Coop off, say hi to friends and then back in the car to head home
-9:00 am, home, Chase gets a nap, change clothes and work out
-9:45 am, get cleaned up and do chores
-10:45 am, wake the baby up and feed him
-11: 10 am, leave the house to pick Cooper up
-11:30 am, pick Cooper up, chat with the teacher, etc.
-12:00 pm, lunch with everyone and breathe
-12: 30 pm, nap for Chase followed by
-1:00 pm, nap for Cooper

WHEW! And that’s only till 1 pm. I know, make fun of me for making a big deal about this, it’s ok. But to me, that’s nuts. All this coming from a woman who didn’t get dressed till um…right before lunch time usually. (I did other stuff… like clean…)

This week, I had to do another grown up thing that was not fun. I was one of 600 people who attended a memorial for our soldiers who were killed in August. I have never attended this kind of memorial before and it was heart wrenching.

At the front of the stadium were a pair of combat boots for each soldier and a rifle with a helmet on top, a picture of the fallen soldier below the display. When the memorial neared its’ end, 2 bag pipers walked out and played “Amazing Grace”, shots rang out and a role call was made. The role call was the worst for me.   Several soldier’s names were called, those soldiers answered “here, sir” and then the fallen soldier’s name is called 3 times. It was so sad – the silence was deafening. Only the sobs of those mourning could be heard. My heart broke. I felt it within my chest, just break. I asked God for strength and prayed for those for whom the loss was much closer felt. I also prayed that we wouldn’t have to attend more. Sadly, I know better.

As I hope you guys saw, Jeremy’s unit made the news. (I use the term unit very loosely because it’s too much work to type out 1-17, 5/2.) There were a lot of familiar faces in that video and it was so surreal to watch it! There is a mix of excitement and a mix of stomach churning anguish as thoughts flood my mind of “Oh, is he in this video” and “oh…look what is happening”. UGH!

In other news, Cooper and Chase both got to go to the doctor today. I believe this is the first time in Cooper’s memory that he has received a shot. He got ice cream as a consolation prize. Both kids are pictures of health. The doc took a look at Chase’s mouth and there are 2 teeth popping up on the bottom! I was pretty sure that’s what I saw, but it’s always good to hear it confirmed so I know I’m not crazy. I sure wish they would go ahead and break through because Oiy…the Crying…

My BF, Amy, from St. Louis comes in town on Monday and I am SO EXCITED! She hasn’t been out to see me since we moved here and I dunno, something is so fun about having a friend come and see your digs and just live life together with you for a bit. Cooper is thrilled to have her son Nick as a buddy for those 10 days they’ll be here. I’m sure he’ll be distraught when they leave!

Bottom line, September is flying! I love it! August was so “the month that will not end” and I’m highly looking forward to time passing more quickly. September marks 3 years in the Army for us Nevil’s. I can’t believe it has been that long-or that we only have one more year left! We still don’t know what our next move is going to be; keep praying for us. The economy scares us but you’d think by now we’d know a little bit about faith, huh?

Oh yes! And one more thing; today when I checked the mail, there was a tube of live ladybugs in there! I had totally forgotten about the Ladybug Farm that Cooper got from his Auntie Jessie for his birthday! Baby ladybugs are weird looking…to say the least. I’ll have to take pictures and document these little critters. Tomorrow is show-n-tell at school and Cooper wants to bring them. So far they are his best friends. He’s talking to them and asking me to move them from room-to-room as he moves. (I won’t let him carry them around because EW live bugs!) I’ll post pics this weekend-hopefully.


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