Right now, I feel like a young girl who just got a phone call from a boy she really likes and has been hoping and praying, likes her too! I feel like I should call all my girlfriends and tell them that he said he thinks I’m pretty! (Insert a girlish giggle after that statement!)

August 2009-fun and visits 089

August 2009-fun and visits 090

August 2009-fun and visits 091

It has been a sweet day of blissful phone calls and web camming with my incredibly smok’in  hot husband. Have you SEEN his pictures on facebook? I don’t usually say this, but OMG…HOTNESS! Absence makes the heart grow fonder and makes the chemistry light up! (Insert a girlish giggle after that statement too!)

My head is swimming with information…so I’m not sure where to start!  I guess I’ll just tell ya why Jeremy is able to call me like this. A few weeks ago, our Company lost some soldiers and a stryker to an attack. It was awful to say the least. For those of you on the email list, that was the week I sent out an update saying I was having a hard time emotionally with the losses our Company was suffering through. By the way, the Lord has comforted my heart and been a gentle guide as I navigate those waters. I only wish it was over.

Anyway, Jeremy’s platoon had to go get a replacement Stryker, so they got to go to a base that basically had good communication systems in tact. He was so cute…he called me at 6:21 am this morning. Which was a little rough since I didn’t go to bed till late the night before! But how can I complain about hearing from him?

If I wouldn’t have had to teach Sunday school today at church, I probably would have stayed home this morning so we could talk! But it worked out because while me and the boys went to church, Jeremy got to talk to his family and my family! It was great.  I think we talked for about an hour this morning, then an hour or two off and on in broken up segments this afternoon. I RAN to the PX to get more phone cards so that he could call me back and we could talk longer!! And actually, as I type this blog entry, he just called and is going to call me back in a few minutes! (Insert another girlish giggle here.)

He told me a couple of stories..and I’m trying to decide what I can put here…I have to be careful of details…so maybe I’ll just tell you the short-short version? K? Just remember how Jeremy tells stories and know that there is a much better version out there. 🙂

You guys know I REALLY like butterflies, right? K…keep that in the back of your mind.

Jeremy has written to me and told me on the phone that he has not been afraid. This was a big deal to him because he was never sure just how he would react when he was in the heat of the moment in battle. Well, he said God has given him a steady peace this whole time. I’m amazed by that fact alone considering the you-know-what the guys are going through. It’s not a cocky lack of fear, or a foolish lack of fear that he’s experiencing, it’s just a calm peace and a steady hand.

Well, the guys had to return to an area where some bad things had happened a few weeks prior. There were bad guys there and they had to run them out/detain them or well, worse, because they were very, very bad. Jeremy said he was afraid. It was the first time he had really felt some fear.  He said he just knelt and prayed. He told God how afraid he was and how much he missed me and how he wanted to see us again more than anything. He prayed that God would calm his heart.

Nov08 043When he opened his eyes, he said there was a huge, white butterfly 6 inches from his face. He said he laughed and thought of me and felt that peace settle over him once again. He thanked God, got up, and went on!

Isn’t that so cool? I had goosebumps when he told me that story. He told me lots of other stuff too…I’ll try and bullet point a couple things:

  • there is pot everywhere there; fields and fields and fields of it. Jeremy said the Afghanistan soldiers smoke it all the time. No wonder they suck at keeping the Taliban at bay…I think drugs are the #1 problem of that place! The more you read up about the opium/poppy fields and now Jer talks about the marijuana fields..hmmm….
  • Jer is in a CHU (Containerized Housing Unit) and they have organized all the “goodies” they’ve gotten in care packages. So they have the boxes set up and labeled, “sweet”, “salty”, “hygiene” and something else that I forget…maybe magazines and reading materials, books, etc. They also made book shelves out of water crates and wood so they can use them to organize their stuff. See…men crave organization too….
  • He might make SGT soon!
  • He is really enjoying getting the chance to help out with worship in the chapel services
  • He put pics up on his facebook page so check them out! oh…I said that already..sorry
  • He’s been in several firefights and has not had to pull the trigger on his gun. He said Kiowas are a God send. He actually told me to hug the pilots if I see them in the PX…I think I’ll just tell them thank you.

There’s lots more, but the word count on this post is through the roof already! He is doing well though. He said “thank you” to everyone who has sent him stuff. I asked him if there is anything he needs right now and he said not really! He told me to thank everyone immensely and said that, if anything, it is just incredibly encouraging to know he’s not forgotten and that we are thinking of him and praying for him.

Ok, Jeremy did call me back while I was typing this. We talked for a whole hour! It’s midnight here and I need to make coffee for tomorrow (i’ll need it) and Jeremy said he’s going to call me one more time to let me know if he’ll be talking to me again soon or not for a while again. My day of girlish bliss just continues! I think the only way it could get better is if I got to stay in bed until 10 am tomorrow and awake to a quiet house and then bam! he walks in the door. That would be nice. 🙂 I think I’ll part with that thought!


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