I talked to Jeremy today! He called around 2:30 pm (which was 2 am for him!) and I was shocked to hear from him. My first question was “are you ok?” because I was so afraid that he was calling to tell me he was hurt. He laughed at me and said, “yeah, I’m great” and I took a deep breath. I laughed and said “no seriously, are you ok?” He is. 🙂 He was back a bit earlier than I expected him to be, however, I am so thrilled he is doing ok.

He said that the phones etc. still aren’t up, so maybe another week or two and they will hopefully be up and running. The connection we had today was not good and I’m pretty sure he only heard 10 percent of what I said based off of his responses.

He sounded really tired; said he hasn’t had the chance to get much sleep this past week. He was looking forward to hitting the hay! He did say that they are in their CHU’s! However, right now he is in there with 2 other guys. I guess they had to start all the guys out 4 to a CHU and now they are slowly getting them down to 2 per CHU. (They are only intended for 2 people!) Sounds like he will be moving out of the one he is in currently and will have a new roommate (I forget who he said it is….oh, no I remember, it’s nobody you guys know though).

I probably won’t get to talk to him again for another week or so and I am really praying that the phone connection is better and that we get to talk longer. This 5-minute phone call stuff really stinks.

Jeremy also said he got 5 care packages today when he got back from their mission! Thank you, thank you guys! He said it lifted his heart so much to have those packages waiting for him. He was REALLY excited about them.  Krosleys, Nevils, Morbellies, McGhees and McVays-you guys ROCK!

If anyone else has sent him one, don’t worry, it’ll get there soon. Thank you so much for loving on my man everyone. You guys encourage me too when you do that!

I don’t know much else. Letters are slower than molasses on a cold day at getting here. Seriously, like 3 weeks. Jeremy’s care packages are getting to him faster than the snail mail is getting there. It’s really frustrating to me. I got a letter today that he sent on August 20! I am so behind and I worry about not knowing what is truely going on with him.

So that’s the report, that’s all I know! It was great to hear his voice but now I’m longing for some depth. My heart misses him and these fast conversations, while uplifting, are not satisfying. “I can’t get no, satisfaction”. 😦 Thanks for praying that he would be safe everyone.

P.S. Wait! I remembered something else he said! He said he was sporting an AWESOME beard when they got back and he was really excited about that. He said that the guys have “relaxed grooming standards” when they are out in the field like that. Personally, I was grossed out because he also said he hadn’t showered in 6 days. That’s gross…and I feel sorry for the people who do the guys’ laundry. Ew…ew….EW! (And that’s because I have been that person who does that laundry and I know!)


One thought on “Heard from Jeremy-September 4 Edition

  1. What wonderful news to know that you got to talk to Jeremy! Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you guys all the way across the world- for your heart and emotions, your daily strength with your boys, and of couse for Jeremy’s safety and protection- Love from Italia- Jen Peskorse

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