Chase has been crying all. day. He is seriously happy for 30 minutes. Now, this might not sound unusual to you, but my nickname for him since he was born is “Mr. Happy Pants” because he’s that happy. Usually. But not today.

I looked in his mouth and there are two little things like teeth buds maybe? They haven’t broken through…there’s no white, but at the rate he’s going I’m telling myself it’s teeth just to make myself feel better. He drools on everything too. A lot.

Lately, he’s been doing this super sweet thing where he just leans in to me and lays his head on my chest…he kinda snuggles up under my chin, you know? It melts my heart. He screamed bloody murder tonight at bedtime so much so that I really thought something was wrong. He doesn’t usually cry at bedtime. I picked him up and he just took a deep breath and snuggled in. POOR BABY!

Also, he has been swatting my hand away any time I try to give him his binkie or when I try to explore his mouth. (Not that anyone else would let me do that to them either though…he he h he.)

So I don’t know. I’m tired though. I had a great chat on the phone with a friend; I did some pseudo-retail therapy at Wal-Mart too and that helped. Now, I think I just need to go to bed. Is it weird that I want to scoop up both my kids and have them snuggle with me tonight. 😦


One thought on “Oiy, the Crying….

  1. o, tiff…sorry to hear that poor little chase is teething so badly! a crying baby is sooooo sad. i have to say that i’m not looking forward to that part of having a little baby again. i love when they can start telling me what’s going on.
    so cute about him snuggling into you!! awwww!!
    hope that today was a better day. glad to hear that you got to talk to jeremy. i’m sure that made your day!!!!!!!
    lots of love and a hug..

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