Isn’t it funny that I feel bad that I haven’t blogged since Monday? Sheesh….

This week has marked a rough point for me and I haven’t really known what to say or how to talk about it here on my blog. I guess it is partly because 1) there isn’t really anything anyone can do about it per sae 2) I know there is so much longer to go in this deployment and this is just part of the ups and downs we’ll experience 3) it isn’t much fun to read sad blogs 4) I know people have been praying for us (THANK YOU!).

But for those of you who know me, I’m not very good at hiding what I think or feel. 🙂  We are really doing ok; just missing Jeremy. He brings so much light and laughter and joy to our family. We miss him. What else can I say?

Ahem…anyway, this week has also been tough because of the Afghanistan elections. Can I just say how ROYALLY TICKED I am that the general consensus in America, our country, is one of TOTAL APATHY? The news here doesn’t even designate 30 seconds to what is going on there. I bet 65 % of Americans are clueless as to what is going on.  Given what I’ve said above, there is nothing more hurtful than seeing the apathy on Americans faces regarding our guys who are deployed.  I mean nothing registers! People have no idea the danger that my husband is in every single day of his life for an entire year. I want to say to them, “hey, what would it do to you if you feared for your life DAILY for 365 days and didn’t have your family to hug and comfort you?” Not to mention how uncomfortable these guys are on a daily basis. It’s 117 degrees in Afghanistan. They are wearing long sleeved shirts, pants, boots with long socks, plus 50+ lbs of gear (probably more like 100 lbs). I wish I was better at sharing with the general public the life of an Army wife, an Army Mom and Dad, Sister and Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent. We’ve just gotten so far away as a country in respecting what the guys are experiencing there.

That’s not a nice thing to think I know. But it just irks me. Especially when I hear some of the comments people have made to my Army friends. (No one has made yucky comments to me by the way.) I might be coming to the defense of my Army girls…but hey, that’s just my soapbox. I will step down now….

As I mentioned, this has been election week in Afghanistan.  I think it is important to note that just because the elections are over does not mean the threat of violence has dissipated.

Wednesday night, me and some Army wives prayed for the guys and it was powerful. I absolutely believe that the Lord is sheltering them; even knowing that evil can still occur.  I can’t imagine getting through a deployment or any crisis of this emotional depth, without the Lord. I have seen God’s hand move in so many ways that I have no doubts of His presence.

Anyway, all that to say that while I know Jeremy is ok right now, I know that the guys are still in danger. Please continue to pray for them.  Pray for their hearts too as the reports are coming in about combat related injuries already. I can’t imagine how they feel seeing their friends injured and yes, even worse.

Thank you for the support that all of you have given to me and my family. While my friends have experienced some yucky stuff, I am grateful that I have not. YOU make such a difference in my world. YOU make such a difference that you care, that you ask me how I am doing, that you hug me and invite me to dinner and that you just pray for me and journey with me. Even when I’m sad and grumpy. I love you guys and can’t imagine how difficult this would be without you. THANK YOU!


4 thoughts on “Sorrow and a Soapbox

  1. I love you girl even if you are grumpy. When you’re grumpy, you’re kinda cute:) ( I would never tell you that while your grumpy though!)

  2. Tiff-Even though we are separated by many miles, my heart and spirit are there with you. I find myself trying to do things in order to not think about what Jeremy is facing every moment when he is doing what must be done. Obviously I am praying constantly for him and all of those who are serving in harm’s way,
    The days will pass, God will remain faithful to hear our prayers and His Spirit will comfort us through all things, that being said–I share your frustration with attempting to find news of what is going on there. My hope is that as communication gets set up onsite that contact will help us to ease our sense of separation from Jeremy.
    I am getting ready to begin teaching a new set of students next week. I am almost assured that at least one of them will give some kind of speech that will be non-supportive of what Jeremy and the rest of our soldiers are attempting to do and I will struggle once again with refuting that kind of rhetorical bull. I have found myself much more attuned to that type of ridiculous nonsense since Jeremy enlisted. One of the good things about the teaching is that it does distract my mind albeit but for only moments at a time, from wondering how Jerm is handling what he is facing. It is so difficult to think of that cute little redhead of mine as a child as having to face the fear and ferocity of war.
    I love you Tiff-as much as any of my children, I will keep praying for you and look forward to talking to you soon.

    Give Coop and Chase a hug from Collette and I.
    Dad Nevil

  3. I can’t believe you even watch the news. I couldn’t watch the news. It was so unfavorable, biased, and apathetic. There was more on the news then than there is now, and I still didn’t think they were talking about it enough. I got all the news I wanted from Stephen I didn’t want to hear what Brian Williams said. But you hang in there girl. We are praying for you, I’m glad to hear you are feeling it!

  4. The news is still unfavorable, biased and apathetic…because our country is! I try to just read the news online now. I agree, those newscasters…Sheesh….I won’t go there. Thanks for the comment Jewels!

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