Can you name the movie that quote is taken from? (Sorry, all you get is respect as a prize.)

While I was not really a newt at any point in my day (hint), I certainly could have been called a crab. In fact, I did call myself that a few times. My only excuse is thrashed nerves. And when I say thrashed, I mean specifically kid irritated.

I have this thing about noise; I’m sensitive to it. That’s why I don’t like punk music or heavy metal etc. Anything that involves screaming is yucky to me. This is not a good sensitivity to have when you’re a mommy. Chase is the cutest thing ever; I adore him and just love squeezing and kissing all over the child. But the following is nothing more than a formula for disaster:

Chase the fussy guss + Cooper’s whiny voice over something trite + me trying to actually accomplish a task like cook dinner…well / it does not equal a happy mommy. If you add a phone call or the doorbell to that equation…it’s like mass chaos in my head.

Thus enters in the new strategy! Horns please!

So, Chase has been going to bed at 9 pm. Cooper goes to bed at 8 pm. This is a nightmare for me each night. It is quite arduous getting my rugrats off to sleepy land each evening. It’s hard to bathe both of them when Chase is tired and crying the moment I remove him from the soothing waters. I am usually fried by the time I actually accomplish this task. But all that is going to change after tonight’s success!

Ok, I won’t beat around the bush any longer. Chase’s bedtime routine needs shifting. He’s 6 months old, it’s time to say “au revoir” to the evening nap and make bed time 7 pm. Yes….it means MORE time constraints for me if I ever want to go anywhere again in my life. BUT! It also means peace in the evenings for me. It’s a worthwhile swap because I’ve gotten to the point where I am defeating one of my deployment prayers/goals: to NOT be a jerk mom while Jeremy is gone.

You know what I mean. I’m talking about those moms you see when you are out and about who hiss at their child(ren), tell them to stop talking, or just plain ol’ talk mean or rudely to their offspring. (All things which I have done lately! AH!) I don’t want to be a mean mom! I want to be strong, firm and loving and that’s different. Plus, I like my kids. I really, really like them. I don’t just love them. I enjoy their company, their personalities, etc. They are fun kids.

Tonight, I tried my new scheme. (Plus a nap and time with the One who holds time in His hands was also good.) Chase was a mess this evening as a result of Mommy not putting him down for a nap. But we made it! I think with a little more practice and proper shuffling of a few evening things (like when I start making dinner, etc.) that the evenings will once again become havens of peace! YAY!!!!

…and there was much rejoicing in the Nevil household.

Also tonight, since Chase was in bed by 7:30 pm tonight, Cooper and I did “family movie night”. This was a great way for me to enjoy Cooper as well as my new edition of Real Simple Magazine. Ahhh….

So! The moral of the story is, I was crabby today, but I got better!

And the ending caviet is as follows: this is a tough season of mommyhood for me. Mostly because I am selfish and I don’t like that so much of my day requires Chase’s attention. Feeding him alone is roughly a one-hour excursion! I’m a bit stressed by the tension I feel for wanting things to be simpler. Yet, I know he’ll be big before I know it and I should relish his babyhood while I can. Getting to this point is good so that I can still enjoy Chase’s babyhood as well as my big man Mr. C’s childhood. He’s so fun!


8 thoughts on ““I Got Better!”

  1. The new plan sounds great! I’m ALL for early bedtimes.

    Just a suggestion that you may try sometime: we sometimes do bath BEFORE I make dinner if I know we won’t be going back outside after dinner. It makes our evening go so much more smoothly, and the kids can actually play in the bath instead of me rushing them through just so I can get them in bed.

  2. totally know what you mean. sometimes i have to keep reminding myself that i need to enjoy every minute even though sometimes i’m so stressed out and just want to scream. we just have to take it one day at a time. sometimes when they’re in bed and i’m just completely exhausted from it all ben will call and say…well, they’re in bed now. 🙂 tomorrow is a new day. yes, i LOVE and like my kids…but we do need the Lord’s strength and patience constantly!! will be praying for you as you “shift the schedule” a little. it sounds like a great plan!

  3. I’m a HUGE proponent of earlier bedtimes. You need that down time – especially in these months when you’re alone. Keep working at it – it’ll just get easier and easier. And, I’m with you on wanting to be nice mommy, not crabby mommy. Just this morning, as I sat at the orientation for Sloan’s 1st day of school, I was struck at how harshly so many mom’s speak tot heir children. And I know that I am guilty of that at times. But I don’t want my tone of voice to be mean and hurtful. There are days when I have to work REALLY hard at that, and other days when it seems to come easier.

    You’re a great mom and I’m just so proud of you! You’re doing a great job.

    I haven’t gotten any update emails so can you add us tot he email distro list? Also, I need Jeremy’s address again. I finally have all I need to send out a box for him. Love ya babe!


    1. Thanks lady. Yup, I will add you to the list post-haste. Hopefully I will have a little update to send out here in the next couple of days! Love you too, thanks so much for the encouragement.

  4. Don’t you love breakthroughs like this?! These “aha” moments are the kinds of things that make me feel like a great mom when they happen!

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