Yesterday, something really scary happened to Chase! We were at home just hanging out. Cooper was playing with his toys and they were scattered all over the living room. Chase was laying on his play matt rolling all around and jabbering and squealing up a storm.  I was sitting right there with him when I caught a stinky whif…”WHEW!” It was time to change that diaper. (Food sure does change the smell of that stuff!)

I got Chase all changed and while I was working on him, he rolled over and grabbed one of Cooper’s nerf gun “bullets” from the floor. If you haven’t seen one of these before, they look like this:

Nerf Gun and Bullets
Nerf Gun and Bullets

I really didn’t think anything of this because the bullets are about 2 inches long. I seriously was about to take it away from him and then I thought, “well, it is not like he can choke on that huge thing”. I finished what I was doing and then got distracted by something.

All the sudden, I heard this choking sound. I turned around and Chase’s face was bright red and he had a freaked out look in his eyes. I couldn’t figure out what he was choking on until I saw it. The blue tip of the bullet was gone from the foam part of the bullet! It must have come off when he was playing with it! HE WAS CHOKING ON IT! Not just coughing a little either-it was in his throat.

I think I screamed a little, flew over to him, rolled him over onto his tummy and gave him a very firm pat on the back. The bullet piece came out. I hugged him and cried and hugged him and cried telling him how sorry I was! It was so scary! Chase was immediately ok, but I was so freaked out. I was shaking and just so scared! My heart was racing. First thing Coop and I did: picked up ALL the bullets and put them away. (And then during nap time I hid them so that Coop won’t find them.)

Chase was dandy the rest of the day. But boy, did that scare me to death. I had just been talking to my friend Tara a few hours before this incident about how I don’t want Cooper to have any Lego’s yet because those pieces can be so small. Chase will be mobile very soon and I can totally see Cooper leaving a tiny piece out and Chase getting a hold of it! It was so weird that this happened that same day.

Our Little Chase-y-Bud!
Our Little Chase-y-Bud!

Regardless, it taught me to keep a watchful eye on the things that Chase reaches out for, or are within his reach. Just because something doesn’t look like a choking hazard doesn’t mean it isn’t!


3 thoughts on “Our Big Scare

  1. WOW Tiffie! I can see the panic in your eyes while reading your blog. My heart almost stopped. Glad you are an attentive mom; you did the right thing girl.

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