Cooper was quite funny today. I felt like I really needed to document how funny he was, so that Jeremy can read these if he gets to hop online. Babe, just click on the categories for Cooper and Chase to read these for each kiddo!

-Today, I was upstairs doing something and my phone was downstairs. I was waiting for a phone call but didn’t feel like running down the stairs, so I asked Cooper if he would mind running down and getting it for me. He smiled at me and said “Sure!”. He then walked over to the stairs and stopped at the top. He had this really funny, sly, cute look on his face and he just stood there looking at me. I said, “what’s that face for?” and he said in a super cute voice,  “I wish I had super fingers [points fingers in a super finger fashion] so I could stand right here and just grab your phone and give it to you”.  I was laughing so hard! That’s the first time he has said anything really cute and imaginative like that.

-Tonight, Cooper had his BF Brayden over. We ate dinner and then got cleaned up for bed and it was time for the boys to settle down, though not quite time for bed. We had the kids pick up the toys and then I asked them to color a card for Daddy/Mr. Jeremy. They were very excited about this and spent a good 15 minutes working on it. Crystal, Travis and I were in the kitchen and all the sudden the boy’s conversation caught my ear:

Brayden “Where’s your daddy?”
Cooper “He’s in Afdanistan”
Brayden “When he coming home?”
Cooper “next summer”
Brayden “what’s summer mean?”
Cooper “it means when people who are far away come home”

I know that conversation breaks many hearts, but it was SOOO overwhelmingly cute how Cooper just told Brayden about Jeremy as if it was no big deal. It was cute to hear his innocent little heart.

Oh and I just remembered another funny thing he said to me recently! I was singing in the car (One Republic, Won’t Stop)…like, um, really singing…loud, and Cooper said, “You go Mom”. HA!

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