Can snot be hot? I dunno. But it’s hot… I mean really hot here. The high Wednesday is 101. Um…before you start with your “oh poor baby” stuff, may I remind you I am sans air conditioning? I chatted with Jer today and he tried to go down that path with me but um, even HE has air conditioning. Me…I got nada! So SHHH!  And the news just said there is a heat advisory and an air stagnation advisory! WHAT?

Now, beating the heat is only possible by either finding a swimming hole of some sort, or using someone else’s air conditioning.  We have opted for plan B, using the air conditioning of others. Today, my MIL and the kiddos and I went to IKEA! WOOT!

I love Ikea. I love all things Ikea. I parked in family parking…right up front next to the door. Lunch was crazy cheap (thanks Grandma!). There was a nursing room with changing table. There are low sinks complete with step stools so Cooper can wash AND soap his own hands (and dry them!). And they have free childcare for one hour so that you may shop in peace! (You had better believe I used the childcare!) It was glorious. I even started my Christmas shopping today! Yes…I love Ikea…(Did I mention I bought a 17 piece tupperware set for 5 bucks?…amongst other things!)

That's a lot of storage containers for $5!!
That's a lot of storage containers for $5!!
Sassy and huge Ikea shopping bag!
Sassy and huge Ikea shopping bag!

And to boot, today is Jeremy and I’s 7 year wedding anniversary. We’ve been together for 10 years though, when you include dating and such.  Happy Anniversary honey! I did get to talk to Jeremy on Skype this morning-which was quite a treat! The bandwidth of the wifi hasn’t been able to hold a signal long enough for us to do that since he got there in country. He looks good and seems cheerful and in good spirits.  I must say, I forgot how down right good looking he is!

After our jaunt out to Ikea today, we were treated to dinner at BJ’s in South Center. It was a lovely anniversary dinner honey! You would have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Tomorrow, Grandma leaves and life goes back to the new semblance of normal. We’ve had a blast since she’s been here and it has been wonderful for Cooper; not to mention how great it is to have an extra pair of hands around in the evening when bedtime routines start to overtake me!

Well, even if it is hot here, I still have pie that is calling my name from inside the fridge. Wish I could be inside the fridge…even if just for a little while!

Oh! I sent an email update out about Jeremy. If you didn’t get it and you want it, then email me or post a comment here.

8 thoughts on “Hotter Than Snot…

  1. Hey girl! Can’t believe it is THAT hot there! WOW! Would you believe it has been unseasonably cool here this summer? Wierd, eh? Good to hear you are escaping to large warehouses with AC and great bargains….uhm..and the childcare, Suh-WEET!

    Love ya girl! I’m so proud of you. It’s not easy driving down the family road solo but you’re off to a great start. You’re all in our prayers.

    1. Yes…it is hard! I’m not doing so good keeping a routine in this place…I think my poor kids are very confused. I can’t seem to get them in bed before 9 pm! But, I’m hoping to have the bugs worked out in the next couple of days. I gotta figure this out!

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