Well, we’ve managed to stay super busy here since Jeremy has left. He has been gone one week and one day. I’m starting to miss him more, but those are sweet feelings. It’s not a bad thing to miss my love and my friend!

Jeremy is doing well. He and I are working our best to keep in communication with one another. It’s sketchy and in and out but at least we get to keep in contact! So far our conversations are filled with all those “oh yeah’s…” and “don’t forget…” type things. There are a lot of really bad people where he is and spies are prevalent! I think their mission is hanging on the element of surprise. So watch the news and listen to what they are saying! (And if you talk to him don’t ask him what he is doing…because he can’t tell you!)

Jeremy said he is getting to walk around in PT’s most of the time, which is really nice. He said that everyone is just hot…really hot. So they are doing their best to keep cool. I’m trying to think of what I could send him to help with that…but I don’t think anything I could send him would be useful right now. Other than a freezer anyway!

I think the guys are having a neat experience together over there. Not that this is real “fun”, but I think there are elements of “fun” to it. What they are doing is cutting edge for the Army! I’m glad Jeremy gets to be a part of it actually. I think Jeremy will have some amazing memories and stories to tell when he gets home. Wow….can you imagine Jeremy, Mr. Story-teller himself, having even better stories? HA! I can’t wait to see what God does with all we’ll learn and experience in this time!

In the mean time, I’m enjoying the summer and I’m really enjoying the first of a slew of visitors! My MIL is in town helping me out. We thought she’d catch Jeremy when she made the reservations, but then the dates came out and we found out she would miss him. I am grateful that it worked out this way. It has been great having her here. My evenings are probably the roughest part of my day! I’m tired and it is a lot to make dinner, clean up and get the kids to bed. The hours of 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm are really busy and tiring!

So far I have a good idea of the time indicators that I have to watch if I’m going to get certain things done within a good time frame. For example, I need to start dinner by 4 or 4:30 pm if I want to eat before 6 pm! The baby is crabby in the evenings and a handful sometimes, so if we don’t eat early then it makes for a ruined evening. I.e. mommy doesn’t eat, the baby is crabby and Cooper is whiny. BLAH! Having an extra pair of hands around to help occupy Cooper or the baby after nap has been wonderful! And it’s fun to have another adult to talk to!

Oh yeah….one more thing. Jeremy says it is really, really stinky there. Everything just stinks. So if you think of it, put something that smells good in a care package if you send him one!

We are going to go berry picking today, so I’ve gotta run. Please continue to pray with the prayer requests on those cards! I know I am way overdue for an email out to everyone…I’ll get it out by Friday with some updates!

5 thoughts on “Jeremy and New Routines for Me!

  1. Question:
    Do Jeremy have access to a CD player over there? Could I send hima couple of CD’s? Just curious. We’re going to put together a care package and I’m brainstorming. Love you guys!

      1. my curiosity is piqued! oh you’d appreciate this visual image; jeremy said that the female canadian soldiers can walk around in civilian clothes on the base. so he said they walk around like a bunch of girls headed to west county mall looking for love…only they have a machine gun on their backs…nice huh? i call ’em robo girls…

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